Gold value preservation and value-added services | Annualized 20% income + gold rose profit in the current year

In the spot gold order placed by our company, we choose to lock the value of the lock, we will do a unified hedging and hedging service for you.
The price of gold is rising, waiting for the income, the price of gold is falling, and the customer does not have to bear any risks.


Spot gold bullion online ordering business

We provide you with the best spot gold trading platform
Matching transaction, no leverage full-scale spot mode trading, trading product name: 100GOLD,
1 hand = 100 grams of gold, the minimum transaction is 0.01 hands, the transaction fee is 5 US dollars per transaction, no storage fee, no overnight storage

Gold investing: Watch out! Gold price in a short period of fear to break through 1800! Two more news from China and the US!

Improving economic data bolstered investors’ belief that the U.S. economy is on the verge of a stimulus-supported recovery, sending stocks across the board higher, though questions about trade with China continued to unnerve investors. Spot […]

Silver Investments: another danger warning! Top medical experts say there could be as many as 100,000 new cases in the United States in a single day. Major silver price breaking near…

Global markets appeared to welcome a new trading month with optimism on Wednesday, with Asian shares mostly higher as new cases continued to surge but the US economy showed signs of recovery. Silver, which surged […]

The latest news on China-Us relations: 27 countries issued a joint statement on Hong Kong’s Security law. Us lists Huawei and ZTE as national security threats! Gold at $1800 is stable this time?

International spot gold was trading at $1,783 an ounce in Early Asian trading on Wednesday. After a volatile session in which gold rose as high as $1,785.86 an ounce, the metal remained steady around the […]

Market event of the day: Fed minutes with “small farm” hit! Gold long-brewing bigger outbreak! Watch out for new information on the china-us situation!

In Asia on Wednesday, the DOLLAR index was little changed, while spot gold remained firm, with gold still trading above $1,780 an ounce. For the day, investors will be watching the Minutes of the Fed’s […]

Gold investment: gold just suddenly accelerated up! At one point it was close to $1,760! New news on China-India conflict over the weekend!

International spot gold was trading at $1,757 an ounce in early Asian trading on Monday (June 22). The day’s volatile session saw the gold price accelerate further to hit $1,758.58 an ounce, up more than […]