Gold value preservation and value-added services | Annualized 20% income + gold rose profit in the current year

In the spot gold order placed by our company, we choose to lock the value of the lock, we will do a unified hedging and hedging service for you.
The price of gold is rising, waiting for the income, the price of gold is falling, and the customer does not have to bear any risks.


Spot gold bullion online ordering business

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Matching transaction, no leverage full-scale spot mode trading, trading product name: 100GOLD,
1 hand = 100 grams of gold, the minimum transaction is 0.01 hands, the transaction fee is 5 US dollars per transaction, no storage fee, no overnight storage

Gold short – term acceleration up! Gold just broke 1885! New information on the situation between China and India! The first debate of the US presidential election is here!

As the DOLLAR index continued to come under pressure in Asian trading on Tuesday, spot gold accelerated its short-term rise above $1,885 an ounce, peaking at $1,887.06 an ounce. Gold jumped nearly $20 on Monday, […]

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In the currency market Euro: EurUSD turned higher, closing 0.29% higher at 1.1664. Technically, the pivot point of the currency is at 1.1652, the initial resistance to its upward movement is at 1.1690, further resistance […]

Gold Investment: Big day in US politics! Donald Trump, Joe Biden to fight over ‘tax gate’ Beware of gold riots!

Spot gold tried to gain a foothold above 1880 in the Asian session on Tuesday, breaking through $1,885 earlier and hitting as high as 1887. Gold rallied strongly yesterday, rising $20 to break through the […]

Tensions are rising before the election! The technical aspects suggest that caution is rising! Gold fear to plunge consolidation again!

International spot gold (28 September) low stabilization, looks set to restart a new round of consolidation, the highest intraday hit $1876.90 an ounce, because the us election, outbreak and means a lot of uncertainty, the […]

Rare!!! China is holding five military exercises at the same time and warning the US! The first big event of the week hit gold and US stocks.

On Monday, as markets awaited the week’s big events, the DOLLAR index fell back, on track for its biggest one-day percentage drop in a month. U.S. stocks and spot gold rallied, with the Dow Gaining […]