264 electoral votes! Us media: Biden just won Michigan! Just one more state to win!

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is expected to win in Michigan, putting him within striking distance of winning the White House, NBC, Fox and CNN reported on Wednesday.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to win both of the states his opponent, incumbent President Donald Trump, won in the 2016 election. Another state is Wisconsin.

Michigan has 16 electoral votes.

In 2016, Trump defeated then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in Michigan by 0.2 percent, the closest popular vote gain in the election.

Biden’s expected victory in the state gives him 253 electoral votes, according to the current COUNT by NBC News. He needs 270 electoral votes to win.

At last count on Fox News, Biden won Michigan, giving him a total of 264 electoral votes. As of press time, Biden has 264 electoral votes to Trump’s 214.

Among the states with undecided popular votes are Arizona with 11 electoral votes, Georgia with 16, Pennsylvania with 20, Nevada with six and North Carolina with 15.

Biden now has a narrow lead in the popular vote in Nevada and Arizona, according to NBC. Fox has credited The Arizona vote to Mr Biden. That means Biden would win just one more Nevada.

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit earlier Wednesday to stop the vote counting in Michigan because it wanted better access to polling stations for observers who had been watching the vote count in various parts of the state.

Michigan voted For the Republican presidential candidate from 1972 to 1988 and switched to the Democratic Party from 1992 to 2012.

In addition to Michigan, the Trump campaign announced on Wednesday that it would take legal action in Pennsylvania. CNN says it is suing pollsters and voter identification laws in Pennsylvania.

“Something terrible is happening in Pennsylvania,” Said Clark, trump’s deputy campaign manager, in a statement, ACCORDING to CNN. The Democrats are conspiring to deprive and dilute the Republican vote. President Trump and his team are working to stop this.”

“This is probably more of a political document than a legal document,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Mary Schapiro. He said the state “will not let anything interfere with the vote-counting process.”

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