A massive protest outside the White House. Cheers as Trump waves to the crowd in his car!

Tens of thousands of supporters of US President Donald Trump gathered in Washington on Saturday for a protest in support of his election fraud allegations. Trump, meanwhile, is pushing ahead with a series of legal challenges to overturn the declared victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Mr. Trump, whose courtroom case has made little headway, began to cast doubt on his prospects for the first time on Friday, telling reporters that “time will tell” who will be in the White House from Jan. 20.

There have been other pro-Trump protests across the country since Mr Biden was predicted to win on November 7, but they have been small and without incident.

The pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington and other cities will be composed of supporters of the President, including far-right individuals, members of the Oath Keepers militia and Pride Boys, who have publicly demonstrated their support for His continued dominance.

Video showed a sea of protesters. They held up signs and shouted slogans. On that day, many black Lives Matter protesters gathered and clashed with Trump’s supporters.

Mr Trump’s motorcade passed some protesters on its way to his golf course near Sterling, Virginia, on Saturday morning local time. Inside the car window, Trump waved and smiled at the crowd, prompting cheers. Flag-waving supporters chanted “USA!” “And” Four more years!” . On the other side, anti-Trump demonstrators waved signs including “We voted – you’re fired.”

Organizers have given the rallies various names, including the Million MAGA March, the Trump March and the Stop Stealing March. MAGA is an acronym for Mr Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”. Mr Trump expressed his support on Twitter.

Some left-wing groups are planning counterdemonstrations in Washington and other cities.

According to one analysis, 93% of voters in Washington, D.C., chose Biden in last week’s election, suggesting that many of those attending the rally were in the nation’s capital.

Although large left-wing demonstrations are a regular occurrence in Washington, DC, few right-wing groups have been held on such a large scale in Democratic territory.

Us media said Saturday’s event appeared to be the largest gathering of Republican supporters in the capital since Donald Trump’s inauguration nearly four years ago.

Biden won Georgia on Friday, according to Edison Research, and ended up with 306 electoral votes, more than the 270 needed to win the presidency and more than Trump’s 232. This further cemented his victory.

The 306 votes represent the number of votes Mr Trump received when he beat Mrs Clinton in 2016, which he described as a “landslide”.

Speaking at a White House event on Friday about the novel Coronavirus response, Trump briefly appeared close to acknowledging the possibility that he will leave the White House in January.

“This government will not shut down. Whatever happens in the future – who knows which administration it will be? I guess time will tell, “Mr Trump said in his first public comments since Mr Biden was tipped as the election winner.

As the election results become clearer, Mr. Trump has discussed with advisers possible media investments and appearances to keep him in the spotlight ahead of a possible White House bid in 2024, aides said.

He is considering starting a television channel or social media company to compete with those he feels have betrayed him and inhibited his ability to communicate directly with Americans, according to several advisers.

In the near term, Mr. Trump is expected to campaign for the Republican candidate in Georgia before the two runoff elections on Jan. 5. The runoff will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

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