An outbreak of a mysterious virus with 90% of its genes in Brazil has never been seen before, media reports say

A mysterious virus has broken out in Brazil, with 90% of its genes unprecedented, media reported on Wednesday.

A new mysterious virus has been discovered in Brazil, with 90 percent of its genes unrecognized, according to the cover news. The virus is called Yaravirus brasiliensis.

Yarra virus is a “new amoeboid virus with puzzling origins and phylogeny,” according to a study published on the BioRxiv website on January 28. It is made up of 80-nanometer-sized particles and has a very unique genome. A search of 8,500 viral metagenomic databases revealed that only six of the yarra viruses are related to yarra viruses. The other 90 percent of the genes are unrecognized and make up so-called orphan genes.

“Contrary to what has been observed with other isolated amoebas, Yaravirus is not represented by a large particle and a complex genome, but carries a large number of previously undescribed genes,” the researchers wrote in a paper published on the preprint server platform bioRxiv.

The researchers noted that yarra virus belongs to the “new lineage of amoeba virus” that was first discovered, and is a “new amoeba virus with puzzling origins and phylogeny.” Viruses are made up of 80-nanometer-sized particles and have a very unique genome.

A suspected case of pneumonia from a new coronavirus infection in the Brazilian state of minas gerais is being quarantined and tested at a top hospital in the field of infectious diseases, Brazil’s health minister said at a press conference on January 28.

Notably, media reports said the suspected victim was a 22-year-old student who had traveled to wuhan and returned to Brazil on January 24, after which he developed pneumonia similar to the new coronavirus infection. Another 14 people who had close contact with him were also being monitored. That is, the mystery virus is not the same as the new coronavirus, but the symptoms of infection are similar.

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