As trump rushes to get companies back to work! Bill Gates: if I were the President! Now all you have to do is fight the virus first!

If I were the President, all I would do now is fight the new coronavirus, CNBC reported Thursday.

CNBC reports that if Bill Gates were the President of the United States, he would make it a priority to keep people in quarantine across the country to contain the COVID 19 outbreak.

Bill Gates told TED curator Chris Anderson on Tuesday: “the clear message is that we have no choice but to maintain this isolation and it will continue for some time. In the case of China, it took about six weeks, so we also have to be prepared and do very well.”

“If the national quarantine is done well, within about 20 days you will see the number of new cases really change,” gates said. It’s a signal that you’re on your way to containing the outbreak.”

For the President, gates also stressed, “it’s not going to be easy, and we need a clear message.”

At least 179 million people are being asked to stay at home in 18 states, 31 counties, and 13 cities, according to a real-time count by the New York Times.

The number of new cases in the United States is still on the rise, according to the Johns Hopkins university coronavirus resource center. In contrast, in China and South Korea, the “curve” is usually flat, as shown below.

As a co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr. Gates has extensive experience fighting infectious diseases such as malaria, AIDS and polio.

Gates’ comments came as President Trump announced he wants American businesses to reopen by Easter on April 12.

“America will be open for business again soon, much sooner than the three or four months that others have suggested,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference on Monday. We can’t make the treatment worse than the problem. We can do two things at once.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump reiterated his position at a virtual town hall on Fox News

“You can’t come in and say, let’s shut down the United States of America,” Trump said. The United States of America is the largest and most successful country in the world.” A big recession, he suggested, would also cost lives.

On the other hand, medical experts say it is too early to reopen businesses and schools that could have serious consequences for the spread of COVID 19.

“Trump is clearly not rooted in reality,” Dr. Tina Tan, director of the infectious diseases society of America and a staff member at Lurie children’s hospital in Chicago, told CNBC.

Gates also stressed the importance of putting the cost of human health above the cost of money.

“It’s really a tragedy, the economic impact is very dramatic. Nothing like this has ever happened to the U.S. economy in our lifetime, “gates said. But, you know, it’s easier to get the economy going and people making money than it is to keep people alive. So we will take the economic pain — the enormous pain — in order to minimize the pain of illness and death.”

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