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Last trading session review Fears of a new outbreak continued to flood the market on Wednesday, with 10-year Treasury yields hitting record lows, U.S. stocks turning lower and the dollar generally little changed as investors […]

Gold investing: watch out! Bulls have overheated, gold has fallen below 1650 fear more profit-taking!

International spot gold traded at $1,648.90 an ounce in early Asian trading on Thursday. Intraday gold staged a modest rally, but overall maintained its pullback from recent highs and is now constrained below the $1,650 […]

Outbreak to be controlled by end of April? The virus may not originate in China, return to work peak problem! Zhong Nanshan’s latest response

Zhong nanshan, head of the high-level expert group of the national health and fitness commission and an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, said on Wednesday (February 26) that based on his team’s traditional […]

Alert! The first case of infection in the United States by an unknown route: possible first case of community transmission? Short – term financial market volatility!

In new pneumonia in the global spread of the epidemic, financial upheaval, slump in U.S. stocks in the previous two days still fell on Wednesday, the 10-year Treasury yields to refresh the historically low levels, […]

Gold just crossed 1650! Trump warned that the epidemic could become very serious in the us! South Korea has seen a surge of 334 confirmed cases.

Spot gold just broke through the $1,650 / oz mark on Thursday as fears of a new outbreak of pneumonia raised risk aversion in Asia. The dollar index briefly fell below 99 in early trading. […]