Decision analysis: changeable! Financial markets suddenly “face a big change”! US stock retail group surging again! Romney: Trump will win the 2024 presidential nomination!

The U.S. dollar closed slightly lower on Wednesday after a volatile session as dovish testimony from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell bolstered concerns about rising inflation. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell reiterated on Wednesday that U.S. […]

Financial markets daily

In the currency market EUR: EUR/USD turned positive to close at 1.2169, up 0.16%. Technically, initial upside resistance stands at 1.2193, further resistance at 1.2216, key resistance at 1.2259; Initial downside support stands at 1.2128, […]

Copper prices close to a 10-year high. The expert inside the course of study warns the copper market of some overheated! Gold value is expected to be stable!

The copper market has been attracting a lot of investor attention since the start of the year, with prices soaring to a 10-year high this week. However, one analyst warned investors that the copper market […]

Inflation risk to boost the effect of gold is questioned! If the loss of this important support gold prices may look lower!

International spot gold on Wednesday (February 24) fell again under pressure, the lowest hit $1783.56 / ounce, back below the $1800 mark, can be found with the interweave of multiple forces, gold is still difficult […]

Gold suddenly suffered a wave of selling! Gold price short-term precipitous fall 1800 important pass! US GDP data is coming today! Biden won’t compromise on the size of the stimulus!

On Thursday (February 25), the dollar index continued its upward trend and is now trading around 90.15, while spot gold has suffered a wave of short-term selling, with gold prices just below the important $1,800 […]