Biden Arrives in Washington Remarks at the Lincoln Memorial: To the 400,000 New Dead! It is time for America to move on to the path of healing.

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has arrived in Washington ahead of the inauguration ceremony, where he made a brief speech at the Lincoln Memorial, stressing that America must heal. He paid tribute to the 400,000 people who died from Covid-19 and said the sun would shine again on America. He also said goodbye in Delaware before heading to Washington, saying he was only sorry that his son, who died in 2015, could not be with him.

Biden arrived at Joint Military Base Andrews in Washington on a special plane and returned to the nation’s capital to begin preparations ahead of his inauguration as the nation’s 46th president. He waved goodbye to the residents of his home state of Delaware and waved to media cameras as he and his wife stepped off the plane in Washington and rode into the city in a black limousine. Arriving at the Lincoln Memorial for a lighting ceremony, Biden called on Americans to remember the lives lost during the New Crown outbreak and to encourage them to begin healing. “It’s the best way to heal,” he said in a statement, “although sometimes the truth is hard to accept and remember.”

Even before Biden’s announcement, Democratic vice presidential candidate Harry Harris said Americans will share the grief they continue to feel over the new pandemic and begin the process of healing. Hundreds of towns, cities, tribes, landmarks and communities across the United States joined in lighting the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial during the ceremony, according to a joint statement from Biden’s transition team. Famous landmarks include the Empire State Building in New York City and the Space Needle in Seattle. The transition team also encouraged Americans to light candles in Windows and churches in a show of solidarity. Significantly, Mr Biden has promised to focus his early administration on reducing America’s new crown, including a two-step fiscal stimulus, after taking office.

Trump delivered his final remarks before leaving office as Biden arrived in Washington, but he remained reluctant to mention Biden by name. “We wish them all the best and the best of luck,” Trump said. “All Americans have been shocked by this attack on Congress. Political violence is an attack on everything we hold dear. This must not be tolerated. The greatest danger we face is losing faith in ourselves, in the greatness of our country. America is not a timid nation with an untamed soul, and we do not need to be sheltered from those with whom we disagree. It’s a very important word.”

He continued: “We did what we came here to do and more. I accepted the hard fight, the hardest fight, the hardest choice, because that’s what you chose me to do. During my tenure, I have reinvigorated America’s alliances and rallied the world against China in an unprecedented way. I am especially proud to be the first American president in decades not to start a new war.”

With his confirmation hearings inconclusive, Biden will take office without any cabinet confirmation. CNBC reported that Trump used his farewell speech to tout his record on the economy and foreign policy while glossing over violent protests at the Capitol. He also made no mention of his successor, Joe Biden, whom he acknowledged the new administration would take over the United States, but stopped short of formally recognizing him. Trump also praised the US government’s efforts to contain the pandemic, saying: “We are outperforming other countries because of the incredible economy we have built. If we don’t have a foundation and a foothold, I don’t think it would be possible to solve the epidemic like this. We are saddened by the loss of each life and we pledge to erase all their terrible memories of the New Zealand pandemic.”

According to Worldometers World Live Statistics, 24,802,225 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the United States, exceeding 24.8 million. The cumulative number of deaths exceeded 411,000, or 411,434, with more than 2,700 deaths in a single day. Since November 3, 2020, the United States has consistently recorded more than 100,000 new confirmed cases in a single day. California has become the first US state to have more than 3 million new cases of the disease.

Speaking about his comments after the stimulus announcement, Biden said the country has no time to waste and must act now to fix the economy. “During the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of Americans have unreservedly lost the dignity and respect that come with a job and a paycheck,” he said. “We see people facing displacement, long lines at food banks, and the real pain of the pandemic overwhelms the real economy.” Remember, more than 385,000 people had already died in the United States from the new pandemic as Mr. Biden released his proposed legislation, called the American Rescue Plan.

As for his plan, Biden cited a widening gap between the top and the rest of the country, with 18 million Americans still relying on unemployment insurance. “We must act,” he said. “We cannot do nothing. The crisis that the American people are suffering deeply is clear. If we seize the moment, the debt situation will be more stable. The new bipartisan bailout plan in December was a good first step, but vaccine rollout in the United States has been a dismal failure so far. We need more action, more bipartisanship, and fast. We will have a plan for 100 million doses in 100 days, we will have a plan for reopening schools in the first 100 days, and we will make sure that employees who are sick can get paid at home.”

He added: “The United States needs $400 billion from Congress. A $600 check is not enough for Americans. The two-step plan includes relief and recovery. A relief plan will be developed now and a recovery plan will be developed next month. It will also expand emergency nutrition assistance and invest $3 billion in nutrition for mothers and young children. If we don’t act, there will be waves of foreclosures and evictions. The crisis has strained the budgets of local governments, states and cities. “We are going to ask Congress for $14 million in lease assistance, and this bailout will help small businesses as well.”

“We will be responsible with taxpayer dollars, with a two-step fiscal stimulus that will lift 12 million Americans out of poverty,” he said. The national minimum wage should be $15 an hour. We look forward to working with both parties in Congress to rebuild America at taxpayer’s expense. An economic recovery plan will not be cheap, but if it does not, we will pay a heavy price. I have never been more optimistic about America, and as we begin a new chapter next Wednesday, I am confident that we will get the job done together.”

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