Decision analysis: Us government blacklists two Chinese companies! Australian Prime Minister’s attitude has changed! Pfizer vaccine news to make the U.S. stock quickly “dive”!

The dollar fell to its lowest level in more than two-and-a-half years on Thursday as signs of progress on US fiscal stimulus measures and positive news on COVID-19 kept investors upbeat. Lawmakers in Washington have […]

The gold price cannot help wipe up the rise! Us Dollar weakens as the UK Vaccine Suffers New breakthroughs between China and the US are attracting attention!

U.S. fiscal stimulus stagnant, new vaccine production early found that do not conform to the standard of raw materials and the United States criticized the British early approval, global short-term to keep interest rates low, […]

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In the currency market Euro: The euro rose for the third day in a row to close at 1.2145, up 0.27%. Technically, the initial resistance to the exchange rate upward is at 1.2176, further resistance […]

Stimulus talks are still in flux but the vaccine is close to being distributed! Can gold hold its rally under risk differentials?

Spot gold edged higher on Thursday, on track to rebound for a third straight day to as high as $1,843.87 an ounce, as renewed U.S. fiscal stimulus talks and expectations of a solid global recovery […]

Gold short – term continuous pull-up! Gold just nears $1,845! Donald Trump has made new moves against Chinese companies. Non-agricultural heavy hit!

In the Asian session on Friday (December 4), the DOLLAR index was little changed, now at around 90.70. Spot gold continued to rally in the short term, with gold just closing in on $1,845 an […]