Silver Investment: 14 new COVID-19 cases in Indian Border Police! Modi says he will not give in to external pressure! Silver rose more than 1.7% at one point.

Silver was trading at $17.911 an ounce in early Asian trading on Monday. On the day of silver accelerated oscillations higher, is located above the main moving average, the day extended to more than 1.70%. […]

Gold bulls explode again! Gold just passed the 1,750 mark! Fears of a second outbreak of coVID-19 are growing. The situation between China and the US is of great concern.

On Monday morning in Asia, the U.S. dollar index was little changed, while spot gold maintained a strong rally. Gold recently broke through the $1,750 / oz barrier, and we need to keep a close […]

Trump did something big over the weekend! U.S. stock futures open lower. Gold long burst again: once broke through 1750 mark!

Gold made a major breakthrough at the start of trading on Monday, continuing a rapid rally on Friday that saw the precious metal break through the key 1,750 level. Gold had been trading in a […]

Gold investing: conflict without a firefight! “No one-shot”, 20 Indian troops killed in Sino-Indian conflict! Beware the outbreak of concentrated geopolitical risk!

International spot gold traded at $1, 724 an ounce in the Asian session on Wednesday. Intra-day gold prices showed a narrow shock finishing trend, down 0.12%. Optimism that the worst may be over for the […]