Decision analysis: The situation in China and The United States, China, and India has big news! Japan’s new prime minister has just been named. Financial markets are bracing for a new burst of activity.

Asian shares rose almost across the board in Asian trading on Monday, tracking U.S. futures. Currency trading was light, with the DOLLAR index around 93.20. Spot gold shocks below 1950.

By the close, Japan’s Nikkei 225 was up 0.65%; Australia’s ASX200 index closed 0.83% lower; South Korea’s KOSPI index closed up 1.12%. China’s A-shares, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index and Australia’s benchmark index were all higher.

On the news side, the border conflicts between China and India continue to release the latest news, causing public concern.

According to the latest comprehensive media reports, the Indian army has increased its troops and defensive forces on the south and north Banks of Bangong Lake. The Indian Mountain Operations force, with its expertise in high-altitude operations, has been deployed in Ladakh region. India is maintaining its highest state of alert.

India Today reported on September 13, citing sources, that the Indian army has increased its troop and defence presence in the past few days, boosting its military presence on the south and north Banks of Lake Banguong.

Indian troops specializing in mountain warfare are scattered in several locations, but the focus is still on the areas along the Banks of Lake Banguong, the report said. And The Chinese army has repeatedly tried to drive the Indian army out of the commanding heights.

Indian officials were quoted as saying the country was maintaining its “highest state of alert”. Another official, describing the fragile situation on the ground, said: “One small trigger could cause the situation to spiral out of control.”

Japan’s chief cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga was elected President of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party by a landslide on September 14. He is expected to be named prime Minister and form a new cabinet by the Japanese Parliament on September 16, according to media reports.

Suga received 337 votes out of a total of 534 valid votes, far ahead of the other two candidates, Shigeru Ishiba and Fumio Kishida, in a meeting of both houses of parliament held by the LIBERAL Democratic Party on Wednesday afternoon.

In addition, the global COVID-19 situation remains a source of concern: As of 13:41 central European Time on September 13 (19:41 Beijing time), the world Health Organization has reported 307,931 more confirmed cases of COVID-19 globally than the previous day, the highest number since the outbreak began.

On the coronavirus front, News that AstraZeneca’s Phase III clinical trial of its coronavirus vaccine has resumed in the UK is expected to boost European stocks. The tests were suspended last week because of safety concerns.

The news offers hope that one of the leading candidates in the global race to develop a vaccine that could stop a pandemic is back on track.

Astrazeneca said it had received confirmation from the UK’s Drug And Health Regulator that it was safe to resume clinical trials. The company declined to give medical information about the moratorium, but earlier said a potentially unexplained illness was under investigation.

On Sept. 14, Microsoft said Bytedance would not sell TikTok’s U.S. business to it.

But Microsoft believes their proposal will benefit TikTok’s users while protecting US national security interests. It can be seen that Microsoft has shown strong interest in TikTok short video business, and believes that it is the most capable company to solve a series of “security” issues.

Trend analysis of major currencies:

The euro: On a technical note, the euro/DOLLAR broke above the 100SMA on the 4-hour chart, having earlier broken above the 50 and 200SMA. Momentum is still up, the exchange rate is stabilized in the upward support line above. Resistance at 1.1875, last weekend’s choppy high, initial support at 1.1820.

Sterling: On a technical level, the daily gbPusd chart is clearly below its 20-day moving average and barely above its 100-day and 200-day moving averages. Technical indicators fell, but were at daily lows of negative levels. Overall, the currency is tilted to the downside,

Jpy: Technically, USD/JPY remains in consolidation mode and has been trading in a symmetrical triangle pattern for some time. The direction of a breakout is either upward or downward or sets the tone for the next move in the currency pair. The key resistance attention interval above is 106.86-107.05. On the contrary, if the downward break, reverse downward will focus on the lower range of 105.10-105.30.

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