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In the currency market

Euro: The euro rose for a third day, or 0.43%, to close at 1.2301. On the technical front, the initial resistance to the exchange rate upward is at 1.2321, further resistance is at 1.2347, and key resistance is at 1.2385. Initial support for the lower exchange rate is at 1.2257, further support at 1.2219, and more critical support at 1.2193.

Sterling: Gained for the second day in a row to close at 1.3624, up 0.96 per cent. Technically, the initial resistance is at 1.3669, further resistance is at 1.3716, and the key resistance is at 1.3806. The initial support is at 1.3531, further support is at 1.3441, and more critical support is at 1.3394.

Yen: USD/JPY fell for a second day, closing down 0.36% at 103.19. Technically, the initial resistance to the exchange rate upward is at 103.43, further resistance is at 103.83, and the key resistance is at 104.06. The initial support for the lower exchange rate is at 102.79, the further support is at 102.56, and the more critical support is at 102.16.

The stock market

Mr Mnuchin, the US Treasury secretary, said on Wednesday that the bail-out cash cheques had begun to be handed out on Tuesday night. However, as COVID-19 has intensified, the split in the US Congress over how everyone should hand out bailout cash has dented market optimism. The Dow closed up 73.90 points, or 0.24%, at 30409.56. The S&P 500 index closed up 5.00 points, or 0.13%, at 3,732.04. The NASDAQ composite index closed up 19.80 points, or 0.15%, at 12,870.00.

Although British lawmakers approved the European trade agreement, Oxford and astrazeneca’s new vaccine finally won the British lawmakers approved, but because of will be coronavirus infections worldwide is still rising, the number of confirmed according to Worldometer real-time statistics show that the United States COVID – 19 confirmed cases have reached 20 million cases, European stocks (December 30) edged lower on Wednesday. The Pan-European Stoxx 600 index closed down 1.36 points, or 0.34 percent, at 400.25. Germany’s DAX30 index closed down 42.60 points, or 0.31%, at 13,718.78. Britain’s FTSE 100 index closed down 46.83 points, or 0.71%, at 6,555.82. The Cac-40 index in France closed down 12.38 points, or 0.22%, at 5,599.41. In Europe, the Stoxx 50 index closed down 11.52 points, or 0.32 percent, at 3,569.85. Spain’s IBEX35 index closed down 18.80 points, or 0.23%, at 8,156.00. Italy’s FTSE MIB index closed down 26.45 points, or 0.12%, at 22,232.90.

Commodity markets

Spot gold closed at $1,894.24 an ounce, up $16.21, or 0.86 percent, after touching an intraday low of $1,875.88 and an intraday high of $1,894.36.

Gold for February delivery on the COMEX rose 0.2 percent to $1,887.40 an ounce.

U.S. WTI crude for February delivery closed up 40 cents, or 0.83 percent, at $48.40 a barrel. Brent crude for March delivery ended up 25 cents, or 0.49 percent, at $51.34 a barrel. Earlier in the session, U.S. Oil closed up 38 cents, or 0.80 percent, at $48.00 a barrel. Cloth oil closed up 23 cents, or 0.45 percent, at $51.09 a barrel.

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