In the US presidential election, Joe Biden has won many states and become the biggest rival of Bernie sanders.

Black voters have propelled former vice President Joe biden to major victories in Virginia, north Carolina and Alabama on the biggest day of the U.S. presidential primaries.

According to CNN, the latest exit polls showed biden winning super Tuesday primaries in Virginia, north Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Exit polls showed strong support for Mr. Biden among African American voters, a development that had already brought him support in south Carolina and bodes well for him in other southern states holding primaries on Tuesday.

As recently as last week, Mr. Biden and senator Bernie Sanders were locked in a tight race in Virginia and north Carolina, according to the polls.

But biden’s big win in south Carolina gave him a boost that could help blunt the advantage sanders may have when the polls close in California later tonight.

Mr. Biden has the backing of a number of prominent virginians, including democratic senator Tim Kaine, former governor Terry McAuliffe, and democratic congressmen Bobby Scott, Jennifer Wexton and Don Beyer.

He has strong African-American support, with more than 70 percent of black voters in Alabama. With more than 40 percent black voters, Alabama has the highest percentage of black voters of any super Tuesday state.

Exit polls in Virginia showed biden also had about 66 percent support among black voters there.

More than a quarter of democratic voters in Virginia, north Carolina and the deep south are black, according to exit polls.

In 2016, Mr. Sanders failed to win any state with a black population of more than 21 percent, and that appeared to hold him back on super Tuesday.

However, Mr Sanders enjoyed strong support from hispanics, who helped him to a big victory in the Nevada caucuses. That could come into play later tonight in California and Texas, the two states with the biggest pool of delegates in the primaries.

Biden’s victories in Virginia and north Carolina also hurt former New York City mayor Michael bloomberg.

Bloomberg has invested heavily in Virginia and campaigned there, visiting the state more than any other super Tuesday state. He spent more than $12 million in north Carolina.

Biden will now win at least 110 delegates from north Carolina and 99 from Virginia.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sanders easily won the primary in his home state of vermont, where 16 delegates are up for grabs.

Votes are still being cast in California and Texas, with 415 delegates at stake, while Texas has 228.

Sanders will seek to score more points in California, the largest delegate award on the map.

All told, about 1,300 delegates will be awarded on super Tuesday, a third of all pledged delegates. A candidate must win 1991 delegates to win the democratic nomination for President.

With the U.S. economy running out of steam, U.S. stocks are plunging, public safety is in question and trump’s competence is in question. It was also a moment for biden, who was hailed as the man most likely to defeat trump for a second term.

The current situation in the United States has become increasingly unfavorable for trump, trump may not be re-elected as President.

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