Latest bulletin! The United States has declared a health emergency with 11,791 confirmed cases and 259 deaths

Global market storms: U.S. stocks plunge, dow drops more than 600 points; Dollar drops… The outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus continues to hit the world. According to the latest statistics, 11,791 cases have been confirmed in China, with 259 deaths. The United States is in a state of a public health emergency, the US health secretary announced Tuesday. In addition, the world also ushered in a historic moment: the United Kingdom officially left the European Union at 23:00 local time, becoming the first country in history to leave the eu.

Latest bulletin! There were 11,791 confirmed cases and 259 deaths

Quoted national WeiJianWei official website reported the latest data, on January 31, 0-24, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and the Xinjiang production and construction corps report 2102 cases of the new cases, 268 cases of serious illness case of illness, new deaths 46 cases (45 cases, 1 case in Chongqing, Hubei province), the new hospital cured cases 72 cases, new suspected cases of 5019 cases.

31 January 24, the national health committee received 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and the Xinjiang production and construction corps has reported 11791 cases of confirmed cases (subtract 1 case) in Jiangxi province, Shaanxi province, Gansu province, the existing 1795 cases of serious illness case of illness, and death cases of 259 cases, cure the hospital cases 243 cases, a total of 17988 cases of suspected cases.

So far, a total of 136,987 people with close contacts have been traced, and 6,509 people have been released from medical observation on the same day. A total of 118,478 people are under medical observation.

We have received a total of 30 confirmed cases from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan: 13 from the Hong Kong special administrative region, 7 from the Macao special administrative region and 10 from the Taiwan region.

The United States has declared a public health emergency

The United States has officially declared a state of a public health emergency, state broadcaster CCTV News reported.

The US will take strict temporary measures starting from Tuesday eastern time. Us citizens who visit Hubei, China, within 14 days before entering the country will be quarantined for up to two weeks, during which medical services and health checks will be arranged. U.S. citizens who travel to other parts of China within 14 days of entry will undergo rigorous health and security screening at inbound airports and will undergo self-quarantine for up to 14 days to ensure they are free of the virus and pose no threat to public health. Non-us citizens who have been to China 14 days prior to entry (and who are not green card holders or dependents of us citizens) are barred from entry during this period.

On January 31, the Chinese embassy in the United States issued an urgent notice on its website, reminding citizens in the United States and Hubei provinces to report their personal information to the Chinese embassy and consulate in the United States as soon as possible.

‘for the convenience of providing consular services and assistance in a timely manner, citizens of the United States and Hubei provinces are requested to contact the Chinese embassy or consulate near their location as soon as possible to report their personal information,’ the notice said. The information should include name, date of birth, place of origin, passport number, time of departure, date of return and flight, where you are, telephone number, intention to return to China, whether you have suspected symptoms of new pneumonia, etc.

Currently, China has one embassy and five consulates general in the United States, responsible for consular affairs in their respective jurisdictions. The embassy is in Washington, d.c. the consulates are in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Global markets: Wall Street opened lower on poor global economic data and further concerns about the economic impact of the new coronavirus, analysts said. By Friday’s close, Wall Street was down sharply, with the dow dropping more than 600 points and major indexes Posting their biggest losses since October.

Spot gold rose nearly $15 to $1,589.13 an ounce, the highest since Jan. 8. So far this month, it has gained more than 4 percent and is on track for its best monthly performance in five months as fears of a slowdown in economic growth due to global public health events have boosted demand for safe-haven assets.

David Meger, director of metals trading at High Ridge Futures, said the outbreak remains a strong support factor as we see global growth concerns hitting other markets. As a result, we see safe-haven demand driving gold higher.

Crude oil futures had their worst January on record since 1991, falling 16 percent on concerns that the spread of a coronavirus would curb demand for transportation fuels. After the world health organization declared the outbreak an international public health emergency, fears of a drag on demand took hold.

KeyBanc Capital Markets Inc. “People are looking at the continued increase in the number of infections and how it will affect the aviation fuel market,” said Leo Mariani, an energy analyst at “The oil market will stabilize only if the market believes that the virus will not persist and if global demand shows signs of improvement.”

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