Latest global outbreak: the total number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 720,000! The cumulative death toll is nearly 34,000!

At present, the global COVID-19 epidemic is still in an escalating situation. A total of 720,000 cases of COVID-19 were confirmed globally. The cumulative number of confirmed COVID 19 cases in the United States exceeded 140,000, still the most in the world.

As of 7:30 on March 30, Beijing time, a total of 720,000 covid-19 cases were confirmed globally, with 721,051 cases and 33,937 deaths.

According to the world health organization, there have been 202 cases of COVID 19 in countries and regions.

By Beijing time on March 30, 7:30, cumulative COVID – 19 confirmed cases of 141559 cases in the United States, Italy COVID – 19 accumulative total of 97689 cases of the patients, accumulative total 80110 cases confirmed in Spain, Germany has confirmed 62095 cases, confirmed 40174 cases of France, and Iran has confirmed 38309 cases, the diagnosis of 19522 cases, Switzerland has confirmed 14829 cases, the Netherlands confirmed 10866 cases, Belgium has confirmed 10836 cases, South Korea confirmed 9583 cases.

US President Donald trump announced at a press conference in the White House rose garden on March 29 that he would extend the 15-day “social distance advice” issued two weeks ago to April 30.

Mr Trump said the volume of testing was one of the reasons for the highest number of confirmed cases in the us. Rapid testing could help contain the outbreak. The us will reach the COVID 19 mortality turning point in two weeks and the overall situation is expected to improve in early June. Mr Trump said the outbreak could peak on Easter.

Anthony Fauci, director of the national institutes of allergy and infectious diseases at the national institutes of health, said the new outbreak could eventually kill as many as 200,000 people in the United States, Bloomberg reported, adding that the estimate could change at any time.

An analysis by the University of Washington school of medicine predicts a nationwide outbreak peak in April. Covid-19 may have killed 81,000 people in the United States. The analysis by the University of Washington school of medicine used data from the us government and hospitals. The analysis predicts that the peak will come in the second week of April in the United States. In some states, the peak may come later.

Italian President Sebastian mattarella said March 27 that Europe must do more to deal with the threat of COVID 19. He told eu leaders they must act before it is too late.

Maria Teresa, cousin of king felipe vi, known as the “red princess”, has died in Paris at the age of 86 after contracting COVID 19, according to Spanish media.

The number of people infected with novel coronavirus doubles every three to four days, French prime minister Philippe said at a government news conference on March 28. The battle against the disease in France has just begun, and the first 15 days of April will be even more difficult.

The outbreak is nearing its peak in Spain and has already reached a peak in some areas, Spain’s health warning and emergency coordination center said in a press release on Thursday.

All people entering the country will be quarantined for two weeks from 0:00 on April 1, regardless of nationality, prime minister of the Republic of Korea (rok) tin see-kyun said Monday.

A new study of novel coronavirus shows that the virus that causes a global pandemic is naturally occurring. According to an analysis of the evidence published in the scientific journal nature medicine, the new virus was “not constructed in a laboratory or manipulated by humans with a purpose”.

The global economy is currently in recession as a result of COVID 19, international monetary fund (IMF) President georgieva said on Friday. But she was pleased that world leaders had finally realized that only a concerted effort could contain the spread of novel coronavirus.

“We have said that the world is now in a recession, and the duration and depth of the recession depends on two things: containing the virus and effective and coordinated response to the crisis,” Georgieva told CNBC. She added: “I’m very encouraged by what I see now. “I see it becoming more clear to global leaders that we cannot get rid of it unless we defeat it everywhere.”

The IMF has taken extraordinary measures in recent weeks to help deal with the impact on the global economy and to try to contain the contagion. On March 16, the IMF said it was “ready” to use its $1 trillion lending capacity to help countries around the world cope with the humanitarian and economic impact of the novel coronavirus. On March 23, Georgieva issued a statement saying that covid-19 had caused serious losses to the global economy, and the global economy would fall into negative growth in 2020, with the recession at least as deep as the 2008 financial crisis, or even more severe.

The impact of covid-19 on global foreign direct investment (FDI) and the global industrial chain may be more severe than the 2008 financial crisis, according to a report released on March 26 by the United Nations conference on trade and development.

The world trade organization (WTO) has predicted that the economic recession and unemployment will be worse than 12 years ago during the global financial crisis.

Azevedo said covid-19 is a public health crisis, but the outbreak will inevitably have a huge impact on the economy, trade, jobs and more. The latest projections suggest that the economic impact and job losses from covid-19 will be worse than the financial crisis of a decade ago.

The Washington-based institute of international finance released a report on March 23 predicting the global economy will contract by 1.5% this year. It is the third time this month that the IMF has cut its forecast for global growth, underscoring the deteriorating state of the global economy.

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