Latest news from China and Australia! Taiwan announces the establishment of a friendship Association with the Australian Parliament! Reaffirm energy cooperation and contain China’s threat!

Taiwan today (November 20) announced the establishment of a friendship Association between Taiwan and the Australian Parliament, initiated by Lawmaker Chiu Yi-ying of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). DPP deputy chairman CAI Qichang hopes to forge a value alliance between Taiwan and Australia, reiterating that Australia is the best partner for energy transformation and believing that Australia also feels China’s “unfriendliness”.

Gary Cowan, Australia’s representative to Taiwan, stressed at the meeting that Taiwan and Australia have been good friends for many years and both are members of the Indo-Pacific region, and will continue to cooperate with Taiwan in energy transformation. Kuang Tanaka, deputy head of Taiwan’s foreign affairs department, noted that he has witnessed the booming development of Taiwan and Australia in recent years, saying that Taiwan and Australia are a natural partnership because they share common universal values, including democracy and freedom. He added: “This year’s coVID-19 outbreak has taken our relationship to another level, with Australia supplying Taiwan with alcohol to make hand sanitizers and Taiwan providing Australia with cloth to make face masks to fight the epidemic.”

Chiu said Taiwan’s foreign affairs efforts are non-partisan and hopes to see more cooperation projects, such as urging the signing of the US-Taiwan bilateral trade agreement (BTA), renewable energy, science and technology and other areas. “It will expand Taiwan’s international visibility and serve as an important bridge to maintain exchanges with Australia,” she added. Due to Taiwan’s special foreign affairs situation, the establishment of the association will help Taiwan and Australia to establish contacts between departments and civil society at all levels and promote bilateral friendship.”

CAI pointed out that in the context of overall international changes, including China’s perceived aggressiveness and rising unfriendliness, Taiwan’s role has become more prominent. He also stressed that Australia is an important country for Taiwan’s external development and believed that Australia could share Taiwan’s feelings towards China. He also said that the establishment of the fellowship to strengthen democratic values of the alliance, but also hope that through the fellowship with the Australian Parliament, the relationship between the two sides more solid.

Gary Cowan, who will step down early next year, said Australia and Taiwan had shown many new ways of working together despite the changes and challenges this year, cNA reported. “Australia has long been a strong supporter of Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly as an observer. Australia will continue to seek opportunities for cooperation with Taiwan and looks forward to Australia as a partner in Taiwan’s energy transformation,” he added.

Taiwan media reports, the wind was 29 years in Australia, New Zealand chamber of commerce Taipei yesterday (November 19) released its first report, content suggested that Australia should economic cooperation agreement with Taiwan, and Taiwan in response to new outbreaks of bright eye, should grasp the opportunity to establish a “Bubble” Travel (Travel mercifully), strengthen trilateral economic and trade interaction between Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. The report also said Taiwan should bring its financial system into line with international standards to make it easier for foreign companies to come to the island.

According to Taiwan’s Now News, the so-called “tourism bubble” refers to the setback in the global tourism and tourism industry due to the impact of coVID-19. To revitalize regional travel, cooperative countries or regions can enter and leave each other’s borders without the need for quarantine. The report also describes the travel bubble as “wrapping two countries or regions in a protected bubble.”

Australian Prime Minister Morrison noted on Thursday that Australia had received unofficial documents from the Chinese embassy and insisted it would still not bow to Chinese pressure on security, freedom of expression and human rights after Beijing released the document on the 14-point complaint list. He also reiterated that Australia would not harm its national interests and would not transfer laws to any country’s control.

Highlighting the increasingly complex relationship between the two countries, a Chinese official has submitted to Australian media a dossier containing a list of 14 complaints, THE AFP news agency reported. The complaint list accuses Australia of continuing “willful interference” in China’s affairs, noting that it bans Huawei from participating in its 5G network and blocks Chinese investment projects on the grounds of national security threats. Mr Morrison said the unofficial documents did not prevent Australia from making laws and rules in the national interest. “We will not compromise and prevent it from interfering with the way Australia is run,” he told Australia’s Nine Network.

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