Latest news from China and the US! China Working Group of the US House of Representatives introduces 7 Bills related to Taiwan! New moves in the Senate too!

The U.S. House of Representatives’ China working Group introduced a series of bills on Tuesday, including seven supporting Taiwan, including lifting restrictions on U.S.-Taiwan exchanges, regular arms sales and international human rights participation.

Pending legislation will expire when the 116th congressional term expires on January 3. In an effort to pass major legislation before the end of his term, the House China Task Force set up by Republicans in May introduced the China Task Force Act on Tuesday, introducing 137 bills.

According to the proposal, the bill covers a range of issues, including countering the Chinese Communist Party’s global malign influence, promoting U.S. leadership in 5G standards, and holding member States accountable for their malign influence within the UN system. Among them are seven directly related bills, including the Taiwan Assurance Act, which calls for regular U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and support for Taiwan’s meaningful participation in international organizations such as the United Nations, and the Taiwan Defense Act, which ensures the U.S. meets its Obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act and enables the U.S. military to prevent China from using force to violate Taiwan’s capabilities.

The “Taiwan Symbols of Sovereignty Act”, the Taiwan Non-Discrimination Act, which promotes Taiwan’s membership in the international monetary Fund, and the “Employment Fairness for Taiwan Act”, which ensures that international financial institutions hire Taiwanese fairly, are also included.

The package also includes the Taiwan Fellowship Act, which aims to increase U.S. officials’ awareness of Taiwan through scholarships, and a bill directing the SECRETARY of State to develop strategies to help Taiwan regain observer status with the World Health Organization.

The China working Group noted that two-thirds of ai-china bills have cross-party support, and more than one-third have been passed by one of the two houses of parliament. The bills include more than 400 recommendations on how to counter China’s malicious practices in a comprehensive report released by the working group at the end of September.

Separately, the US Senate has introduced a bill aimed at creating new and enhancing the status of existing political institutions to strengthen ties between the US and Taiwan, according to a press release on Tuesday local time.

“U.S. Senators Marco Rubio and Jeff Merkley have introduced the Taiwan Strengthening Act, which aims to update U.S. policy on Taiwan,” the release said.

Rubio said at the news conference that the bill would strengthen TIES with Taiwan by creating an interagency Taiwan policy task force, elevating U.S. representatives to Senate-confirmed positions in Taiwan, and establishing a U.s.-Taiwan cultural exchange foundation.

“Continuing to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Taiwan, a democratic partner and important security partner of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region, must remain a top foreign policy priority for the United States,” Mr. Rubio said.

The bill would also seek to expand Taiwan’s role in international organizations and work to address many of the challenges and threats that China poses to Taiwan’s national security and that of the United States.

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