Major news: the total number of confirmed cases in Hubei exceeded 50,000! Therapeutic new crown special – free plasma products have been put into clinical! “Scary data” for the night!

Hubei new 4823 cases of the new champions league pneumonia cases, has reported 51986 cases of confirmed cases (including clinical diagnosis cases, 15384 cases), still lingering market risk aversion, the dollar to refresh the four-month highs, spot gold is tried to continue to rise above the $1575, the market will continue to track the outbreak of change, in addition to focus on the evening “terrorist data” January retail sales in the United States.

Latest data: more than 50,000 cases have been confirmed in hubei province

According to the latest data of hubei health and fitness commission on February 14, 2020, from 0 to 24:00 on February 13, 2020, there were 4,823 new cases of coronary pneumonia (including 3,095 clinically diagnosed cases) and 116 new cases of death (including 8 clinically diagnosed cases) in hubei province. By 24:00 on February 13, 2020, a total of 51,986 new cases of coronary pneumonia (including 15,384 clinically diagnosed cases) had been reported in hubei province.

On February 12, China confirmed 15,152 new cases of the new coronavirus pneumonia and 254 new deaths. Hubei province reported a record number of new deaths on Thursday as the number of clinically diagnosed cases was included in the number of confirmed cases.

According to the hubei health and fitness commission, the number of newly confirmed cases in hubei rose by 14,840 and 242 deaths on February 12, making a total of 48,206 confirmed cases and 3,441 cured and discharged from hospital in the province. A total of 1310 cases died.

Hubei health and fitness commission data after the hubei province appeared major personnel changes. This is after the national health and fitness commission deputy director wang hesheng served as hubei provincial party committee standing committee, provincial health and fitness commission party group secretary, director, hubei provincial party committee high-level personnel adjustment.

The central committee of the communist party of China (CPC) has reshuffled the posts of the leading comrades in the hubei provincial party committee, xinhua reported on February 13. Ying yong was appointed member, standing committee member and secretary of hubei provincial party committee. Jiang chaoliang was no longer secretary, standing committee member and member of hubei provincial party committee. It is reported that the wuhan municipal party committee is mainly responsible for the adjustment of the comrades at the same time, comrade wang zhonglin was appointed hubei provincial party committee member, standing committee member and wuhan municipal party committee secretary, comrade ma guoqiang no longer served as hubei provincial party committee deputy secretary, standing committee member, member and wuhan municipal party committee secretary.

A sharp rise in the number of new confirmed cases and deaths in China rattled global markets on Thursday, interrupting a rally in stocks and boosting safe-haven U.S. treasuries and gold.

Overnight, U.S. stocks retreated from record highs, with all three major indexes ending lower. By the close, the dow was down 0.43 percent. The s&p 500 fell 0.16 percent. The NASDAQ fell 0.14 percent.

Still, the world health organization told a news conference that “we have not seen a dramatic increase in cases outside China”. This offers a glimmer of optimism.

Charlie Ripley, the senior market strategist at Allianz Investment Management, said: “On days like today, investors just have to take it in their stride. The news has been back and forth, but investors are aware that the outbreak will only have an impact in the first quarter, and the uncertainty is likely to abate.”

Against the backdrop of rising risk aversion, the dollar continued to hold its strong position, refreshing a four-month high above 99.10 overnight and continuing to climb in Asia on Friday, peaking at 99.17 and focusing on U.S. retail sales data for January in the evening.

In contrast to the strong dollar, the euro remained in a sharp downward trend, falling to a more than two-year low overnight and continuing to come under pressure in Asia on Friday, hitting as low as 1.0826.

Mazen Issa, senior foreign-exchange strategist at TD Securities, said: “Europe, especially Germany, has very strong trade links with Asian markets, especially China. “Going into this year, expectations of a modest rebound, while reasonable at the time, will be delayed by these disruptions.”

The US is better able to weather the economic impact of the outbreak than the eurozone. Analysts said the dollar benefited from a popular carry trade against the euro, in which investors borrow in low-yielding currencies such as the euro and then invest in the dollar or other higher-yielding currencies.

Spot gold rallied to a one-week high around $1578 overnight on increased safe-haven demand and continued to hover around $1575 in early Asian trading on Friday, holding back gains from a strong dollar.

Bob Haberkorn, the senior market strategist at RJO Futures, said: “gold will continue to rise until the market determines the damage caused by the outbreak. Overnight, we got the opposite information about the direction of the outbreak.”

“Even before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, gold was supported by the easing policies of central Banks around the world, and Central Banks are not going to change their policy paths anytime soon,” Haberkorn said, adding that gold could fall as much as $20 to $30 if the outbreak is contained.

With the arrival of the rework peak, but the outbreak has not yet turned the corner. Chen yixin, deputy head of the central steering group of the communist party of China (CPC), said that the uncertainty of the outbreak in wuhan should be clearly understood, according to chang ‘an jian, head of the CPC central committee’s political and legal affairs committee. Compared with the destination, the number of infected people in wuhan has not been fully known, and the scale of the spread has not been accurately estimated and predicted. According to relevant parties, the base of potential infection in wuhan may still be relatively large.

According to People’s Daily, therapeutic xinguan special free plasma products have been put into clinical use. The key indicators of the patients were good, and the clinical signs and symptoms improved.

Recently, Chinese medicine China biology has completed the collection of plasma from some recovered patients and carried out the preparation of new coronavirus special immune plasma products and special immune globulin. Strict blood biological safety testing, virus inactivated, antiviral activity detection, etc., were successfully used in clinical treatment, from plasma, biological wuhan institute of biological products in China, its group blood products co., LTD., wuhan jiangxia district in wuhan city first people’s hospital, blood center in wuhan, wuhan virus research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China’s food and drug verification research institute under the close cooperation, in clinical treatment for severe patients.

On February 8, with the pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program for new coronavirus infection (trial version 5) as a guide, the first phase of the new coronavirus special plasma treatment was carried out in the first people’s hospital of jiangxia district for 3 critically ill patients, and more than 10 critically ill patients were treated together with the follow-up hospital. According to clinical reports, after 12 to 24 hours of treatment, the main inflammatory indicators detected in the laboratory decreased significantly, the proportion of lymphocytes increased, the key indicators such as blood oxygen saturation and viral load improved comprehensively, and the clinical signs and symptoms significantly improved.

Xcov-specific plasma products are donated by convalescent patients with high efficiency and specific antibodies to xcov-specific antibodies. After virus inactivation, anti-xcov-neutralizing antibodies and detection of multiple pathogenic microorganisms, xcov-specific plasma products are prepared for the treatment of critically ill patients with xcov-pneumonia.

From the clinicopathological process, most of the patients with new coronavirus after rehabilitation, the body will produce specific antibodies against the new coronavirus, can kill and eliminate the virus. Currently, in the absence of vaccines and specific therapeutic drugs, the use of this special plasma product is the most effective method for the treatment of new coronavirus infection, which can significantly reduce the mortality of critically ill patients.

Focus on “horrible data”

As well as continuing to focus on the outbreak, the focus turned to us retail sales figures at night.

On Friday, at 21:30 Beijing time, the U.S. will release January retail sales data, the last big economic data of the week.

U.S. retail sales are expected to have risen 0.3 percent in January after rising 0.3 percent in the previous month, according to media surveys. Core U.S. retail sales are expected to have risen 0.3 percent in January after rising 0.7 percent.

Recent positive us economic data have added to the allure of US assets.

U.S. data on Thursday showed core consumer prices rose in January as households spent more on rent and clothing, bolstering the federal reserve’s view that inflation will gradually rise to its 2 percent target.

On the day, the market also focused on Germany and the eurozone fourth-quarter GDP. If the data don’t perform as expected, it could wake up the sleeping beast of the euro bears.

Germany seasonally adjusted in the fourth quarter after quarter GDP rate of initial value and the euro zone’s seasonally adjusted in the fourth quarter after quarter GDP rate of initial value is the measure of the eurozone economy is one of the most important indicators is one of the main indicators of central bank monetary policy, also is the market economy and monetary policy to make predictions for the future on the basis of one, and thus had a huge impact on exchange rate will be.

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