Transaction execution

Market order: A market order refers to a buy or sell transaction based on the price currently available in the market. Pending Order: Issue a pending order to the market at the specified price, the specified direction of purchase, and the specified quantity.

Gold value preservation and value-added services | Annualized 20% income + gold rose profit in the current year

In the spot gold order placed by our company, we choose to lock the value of the lock, we will do a unified hedging and hedging service for you.
The price of gold is rising, waiting for the income, the price of gold is falling, and the customer does not have to bear any risks.

Spot gold bullion online ordering business

We provide you with the best spot gold trading platform
Matching transaction, no leverage full-scale spot mode trading, trading product name: 100GOLD,
1 hand = 100 grams of gold, the minimum transaction is 0.01 hands, the transaction fee is 5 US dollars per transaction, no storage fee, no overnight storage

executive gold depository services

1. Safe deposit, goods security, and confidential information. 2. High liquidity, HK NOBLE SKY TREASURE PRECIOUS METALS LIMITED provides you with a channel that you can sell or buy at any time. 3. It can […]