Gold investment morning paper: a sudden surge! Gold just went above 1550! Today’s focus is on China and the United States

Spot gold continued to climb above the 1540 barrier in Asian trading on Wednesday, pushing through the key 1550 barrier and peaking around $1552. In today’s trading session, the market focused on the details of […]

Iraqi military base hit by rocket again, gold price approaches 1550! China-us trade comes to a critical juncture

In early Asian trading on Wednesday, renewed turmoil in the Middle East, with the US military base in Taji, Iraq, hit by a katyusha rocket, spurred a return to risk aversion despite no immediate word […]

Global markets are waiting for today! The china-us trade agreement is coming soon! Gold entrenched 1550, alert to “sell facts” market

In a crucial day for global financial markets, China and the United States are scheduled to sign the first phase of an economic and trade agreement at the White House today. Although the event has […]

The US moves to remove China from the currency manipulator list triggers market! Gold plummets toward 1535! Onshore RMB up nearly 150 points!

On Tuesday (January 14) in Asia, financial markets again volatile. The US Treasury’s decision to drop its designation of China as a “currency manipulator” spurred risk appetite and sent gold prices tumbling, with spot bullion […]

Gold investment morning paper: multiple negative swept! Sell after breaking 1540 still not stop! Watch out for bigger sales!

International spot gold was trading at $1, 538.45 an ounce in early Asian trading on Tuesday. Affected by the market risk aversion, the last session of the gold price retreated to the negative line to […]