Human trial of the vaccine in sight! Gold and silver T+D evening both closed down!

Shanghai gold exchange gold T+D fell 0.64 percent to 372.10 yuan per gram in late trading Tuesday. Shanghai gold exchange gold T+D closed down 4.16 yuan, or 1.11 percent, at 369.93 yuan per gram on […]

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Last trading session review Another wild night for global markets! After Posting their biggest drop in nearly two years, Wall Street continued to tumble overnight, with the dow losing nearly 880 points to close 3.1 […]

Gold investment: outbreak brings headwinds to the global economy! Bulls get ready for gold to break 1900 this year!

International spot gold traded at $1,640.50 an ounce in early Asian trading on Wednesday. Earlier, gold extended a choppy slide to a low of $1,634.30 an ounce before recovering from that point and maintaining a […]

What’s going on?! U.S. stocks, gold, and the dollar have tumbled together! South Korea confirmed the number of thousands, the United States warned sooner or later outbreak!

As concern grew about the global spread of the disease, U.S. stocks fell overnight, including the dow Jones industrial average (djia), which fell by 880 points, and the dow Jones industrial average (djia), which dropped […]

Never seen before! Dow drops 1,900 points in two days, us warns of an outbreak! Gold just shot up to 1645!

Global markets suffered another “crazy night” overnight. After Posting their biggest losses in nearly two years, U.S. stocks continued to tumble on Tuesday, with the dow Jones industrial average falling nearly 880 points for a […]