Silver Investment: The Conflict between China and India has not yet turned into a large-scale armed conflict! Silver bears home! Be careful about the situation!

Silver was trading at $17.360 an ounce in early Asian trading on Wednesday. Day silver launched a volatile retracement, the current decline extended to 0.43%, short temporarily dominated. Earlier, the Indian military said 20 of […]

The latest confirmation of The conflict between China and India: Indian army death toll rises to 20! Has North Korea’s next move been revealed? Gold aftermarket is expected to rise to $2000!

“Horrible data” deserves its name! Yesterday U.S. retail sales rose 17.7%, a record the biggest gain, at the same time, the experiment shows that the new patent steroids to reduce coronary mortality, the stock market […]

Tensions are rising! North Korea says it will deploy troops in both areas. Death toll rises to 20 in India-China conflict Powell talks again!

On Wednesday (June 17), the Asian market early trading, the DOLLAR index rose slightly, is now above the 97 mark; Spot gold fell slightly, with gold now trading near $1,725 an ounce. With geopolitical developments […]

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A market review of the previous session On Thursday, fears of a second outbreak of coVID-19 sent risk aversion soaring and rocked financial markets. The U.S. dollar index closed up 0.7% at 96.77 after hitting […]

Gold investment: the market wind changed again! U.S. stock futures rose more than 1% across the board! Gold to plunge more than $100 this year?

International spot gold was trading at $1,725 an ounce in the Asian session on Friday. Gold surged to a choppy high of $1,744.59 an ounce in the previous session before a choppy retreat that continues […]