The Archbishop of Prague called Novel Coronavirus a “Chinese biological weapon”! Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic: Correct the mistake immediately!

Recently, Archbishop Duka of the Archdiocese of Prague called the novel coronavirus a Chinese virus and said that the virus is a leaked biological weapon. The spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic expressed strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this.

The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Prague, Dominik Duka, described the novel coronavirus as a “Chinese virus” and said it was a leaked “biological weapon”, the Prague Morning Post reported Wednesday.

Duca made some bold claims about Covid-19 in a sermon in early February.

Mr. Duca said the virus originated as a biological weapon, and said his claim was likely backed up by the military.

“All the military experts in the world believe this, and either they are afraid to say it or they cannot,” Duca said in his sermon.

Jiri Prinz, a spokesman for the Archbishop of Prague, told CNN Prima News that the bishop’s statement was more of a theory, but that it was supported by members of the Czech military.

Despite this statement, Prinz did not say which member of the Czech military would support the request.

The Czech military has made it clear that it disagrees with Duca.

“We have no such evidence and we have never presented it anywhere,” said Jan Pejsek, spokesman for the Czech defence ministry. The World Health Organization is working to determine the origin of the virus. We will wait for the expert’s opinion. We refuse to speculate.”

Duca also commented on how the virus has outpaced advanced societies. “This invisible virus can deal with us, it can deal with science as a whole or advanced society. Companies want to help but can’t. Instead, fear and anxiety are spreading more and more.”

Cardinal Duca’s sermon has been widely criticized, with many saying he was spreading misinformation to the congregation.

Czech immunologist Vaclav Horejsi spoke out against the bishop’s controversial comments in an interview with CNN Prima News. “What I heard was absolutely scandalous. The bishop became a disinformation spreader. I am also a Catholic and I am ashamed and embarrassed that the church is led by such a man.”

On May 17, the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic also urged Archbishop Duca to immediately correct his mistakes and eliminate the adverse impact of his remarks.

The spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic said on Tuesday that China has noted relevant reports and expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to Archbishop Duka’s remarks.

The spokesman said, it must be pointed out that the origin of novel coronavirus tracing is a complex scientific issue, can not be replaced by groundless suspicion and deliberate distortion of scientific research. WHO experts have repeatedly stressed that it is “highly unlikely” that Novel Coronavirus originated from a laboratory leak. Archbishop Duca’s remarks disregard the opinions of scientists and have no basis in fact. They disrespect science and are groundless slander against China. Czech scientific authorities clearly said that Archbishop Duca spread false information, the comments are “pure slander.” The Czech Defense Ministry said it had no evidence for the claims and had never produced such evidence.

The spokesperson also pointed out that China is firmly opposed to anyone politicizing the outbreak and stigmatizing China. The Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic urges Archbishop Duca to immediately correct his mistakes and effectively eliminate the adverse influence. Solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapon for the international community to fight the epidemic. We sincerely hope that people from all countries will show a fair, objective, and responsible attitude and take concrete actions to contribute to international anti-epidemic cooperation and an early victory over the epidemic.

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