The latest news from the US to Taiwan! Former President of American Association in Taiwan: Biden’s nomination of Blinken as Secretary of State is good for Taiwan! Taiwan’s positive image in the world will be properly appreciated!

Us democratic presidential candidate nomination Blinken biden (Antony Blinken) for the new American secretary of state, before the American institute in Taiwan (AIT) chairman Douglas, “pointed out that Blinken will focus on strengthening or rebuild the multilateral cooperation and alliance, and Taiwan in the global economy, politics, and the health system to create a positive image, will be after Abraham Lincoln took office appropriate recognition.

Douglas Paal, chairman of the Taipei office of AIT during President George W. Bush’s administration, said: “Joe Biden’s nomination of Blinken as secretary of State is a responsible move, and he relies heavily on Joe Biden to conduct foreign affairs in a more predictable manner. Blinken should not rely too much on cooperation with China, except on appropriate issues such as COVID-19, the environment, and nuclear nonproliferation, and he should not be unnecessarily provocative. “Strengthening or rebuilding America’s standing and alliances in multilateral areas will be Blinken’s main task.”

Blinken, 58, is a veteran of foreign affairs and familiar with European affairs, having first joined the State Department in 1993. He served as chief foreign policy writer, chief European adviser, national Security Council member under Then-President Bill Clinton, and as deputy national Security adviser and deputy Secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s second term. Blinken has been Biden’s longtime adviser for 20 years and is his closest diplomatic aide.

Richard Bush, former chairman of the AIT board of Governors, said Blinken understood the importance of the United States and its Asian Allies, as well as the importance of democratic freedoms. “Blinken’s future colleagues are expected to include former President Barack Obama’s team, which will rebuild America’s long-term institutional foreign and national security policymaking,” he said.

Taiwan’s Foreign affairs Department also issued a statement yesterday (24 November), saying that it has fully understood the developments in the RELEVANT situation in the United States, will maintain close interaction and contact with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party in the United States, and will continue to play a reliable and important partner of the United States. The US General Services Administration sent biden a letter on Monday (November 23) informing him that President Donald Trump’s administration was ready to make the transition and would begin the transition process, reported. As the change of regime in the US makes many People in Taiwan worried, the strength of US support for Taiwan will slow as the Trump administration pushes up relations with Taiwan. Cna also noted that Biden announced a number of foreign and national security appointments, including blinken’s nomination as secretary of state. But under U.S. law, major presidential nominations require the senate’s approval before they become official.

“The Foreign Ministry is fully aware of relevant developments. Taiwan, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have maintained close contact. Taiwan has a stable and friendly relationship with the US and is confident that it will continue to deepen cooperation with the US in all fields and at all levels,” O ‘Jiang ‘an, spokesman for Taiwan’s foreign affairs department, told a news conference. Close and friendly bilateral relations are based on Shared values and a common language of freedom, democracy and human rights. This is the root cause of taiwan-U.S. relations, which have long enjoyed strong bipartisan support from successive U.S. administrations and congresses.”

She added: “Following the general outcome of the US presidential election, Taiwan’s foreign affairs department and Taiwan’s representative office in the US have continued to maintain smooth communication with The Biden team through various appropriate means. At the same time, Taiwan also expressed its gratitude to the Trump administration. Relations between Taiwan and the United States have reached the best level in history, and the economic dialogue held on November 20 is of great significance and fruitful results. In regional and global affairs, Taiwan will continue to be a close, reliable and important partner of the United States and, on the solid and solid foundation already established, will continue to steadily promote the diversified cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and the United States.”

A number of Taiwanese media outlets reported on November 22 that a US executive jet had landed at Taiwan’s airport, quoting Reuters as saying that it was a US navy lieutenant Commander In charge of military intelligence for the Asia-Pacific region, Michael Studeman. The U.S. Defense Department declined to comment on the incident, while Taiwan’s foreign affairs department confirmed only that a U.S. official had arrived in Taiwan, but did not elaborate or comment further because the trip was not made public and based on the principle of mutual trust between Taiwan and the United States.

Although Taiwan’s foreign affairs department declined to comment publicly, it later issued a separate statement stressing that reports in some Taiwanese media that the plane was flown by CIA Director Gina Haspel were not true. “The CIA has no plans to visit Taiwan, and the reports are untrue,” the statement said. The AIT also declined to comment on the visits, while Douglas Paal told Reuters: “I don’t recall the U.S. ever sending a military official at the level of Patrick Stadman, who oversees military intelligence in the Asia-Pacific region, to Taiwan.”

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