The latest news from the US to Taiwan! Us-china Economic Review: Calls on CONGRESS to Strengthen Ties with Taiwan Proposed legislation by the President of the United States nominated in Taiwan association director!

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) on Monday (December 1) released its annual review, calling on the US Congress to assess opportunities for enhanced economic cooperation with Taiwan in key areas and to promote the post of director of the Taipei office of the US Association of Taiwan (AIT) through legislation. The report also says there are ongoing discussions in Washington about whether the United States should change its long-standing policy toward Taiwan and the urgency of China’s threat to Taiwan that could affect U.S. national security interests.

The economic Daily, a newspaper affiliated with the Central News Agency and The United Daily News, said the report is 587 pages long and focuses on a variety of issues, including US-China strategic competition, alternative global norms and standards promoted by China, China’s troop projection and expeditionary capabilities, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Regarding the U.S. and Taiwan economies, the report said the bilateral economic base will begin to shift by 2020, with both sides taking major steps to upgrade economic interactions. Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen eased restrictions on meat imports from the United States, removing years of friction in u.s.-Taiwan economic ties, the report said. US President Donald Trump’s administration has also announced the start of an economic dialogue with Taiwan, focusing on issues such as supply chain security.

The report calls on The US Congress to encourage the executive branch to include Taiwan in multilateral efforts to strengthen supply chains and security, such as expanding the US-Taiwan Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF) or actively engaging like-minded democracies to form new multilateral structures. Assess opportunities to strengthen economic relations with Taiwan in key areas such as those that can provide special reciprocal opportunities, with a focus on science and technology as the primary area for assessment.

On the diplomatic front, congress is expected to consider a bill that would amend the AIT Taipei office to be nominated by the US President and require senate confirmation to fill the post. Under the U.S. Constitution, the president has the power to choose U.S. ambassadors abroad, but nominations need to be approved by the Senate. The Post is currently appointed by the US secretary of State and does not require a joint senate vote, although AIT’s Taipei chief is in effect the US ambassador to Taiwan, the Liberty Times noted.

Central news agency quoted the report also pointed out, it suggested that the U.S. congress to amend the march to assist and support Taiwan’s participation in international activities in Taipei, request the administrative department of the United States in each of us as members of the international organization, against any Chinese try to distort the organization through language, policies and procedures, and solution to the Taiwan not to participate in the activities of the international situation.

On November 25, France’s foreign minister, is installed in the French parliament also DaXun, support Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, called fighting COVID – 19 outbreak cannot have a gap in the field of public health, hope that the Taiwan to participate in the next world health assembly (WHA), and this is le is installed in this year’s fourth degree of public support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.

“The issue of Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, especially the World Health Organization (WHO), has been raised, and France’s position is support, because we support all stakeholders to fight and control COVID-19, COVID-19 and other diseases,” he said. We regret that Taiwan will not be able to attend the 73rd world health assembly on 9 solstice 13 November. We continue to call on Beijing and Taiwan to find a way for Taiwan to participate in the next World Health Assembly, as it has in the past. There must be no gap in the fight against COVID-19, and Taiwan should be a part of it.”

Zhu Fenglian, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China, held a regular press conference on November 24 and said that a small number of “Taiwan independence diehards who openly challenge the country’s sovereignty integrity can never be tolerated” and that China will continue to take “targeted measures” to “punish the diehards and their financial backers in accordance with the law”. Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council responded through a written text, saying that instead of making the Taiwanese people feel the slightest fear of China’s bad behavior, they are more disgusted with the ignorance and despotism of the Chinese Communist party’s autocratic system and the world’s universal values. The Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan also stressed that if China does not pay attention to the feelings of the Taiwan people and does not respect the public opinion of the Taiwan people, and hypes the issue again and again to harm the cross-Straits relations and the exchanges and interactions between the two sides, it will definitely backfire and ultimately backfire.

As tensions rise across the Taiwan Strait, Tsai ing-wen on Nov. 25 pointed to several new appointments by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and past experience of face-to-face interaction with Taiwan, reiterating that Taiwan’s communication channels with the United States are smooth. Tsai ing-wen, in to attend the conference, the democratic progressive party (DPP) and Taiwan currently has three big good foundations, first of all, is the overall stability of the economy and the growth rate in Taiwan is growth, moreover is Taiwan to democratic institutions and epidemic prevention successful international trust finally has reaffirmed its support has become a mainstream public opinion in the United States, Taiwan and even has become an international trend.

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