The latest news on Sino-Australian trade! China suspends beef imports from the sixth Australian supplier! The National Farmers’ Union says development in both countries is “painful and worrying”.

The rise in trade and political tensions between Australia and China came as Australia’s National Farmers Federation confirmed China’s suspension of beef imports from a sixth Australian supplier, citing ‘painful and worrying developments’ between the two countries. Chinese authorities have not said why the latest decision was taken, but previous bans by five Australian beef suppliers had been based on problems with labels and health certificates.

The latest Australian beef supplier to be banned by China was Meramist Pty Ltd. China stopped accepting beef export applications and registration from this supplier on December 7, the General Administration of Customs said in a notice posted on its website, without giving specific reasons for the ban. Mike Eathorne, Meramist’s general manager, said late on Monday that he had just received the news but had no reason for it, so he added that he could not comment further. In addition to beef, China recently imposed tariffs on Australian barley and wine, blocked imports of Australian lobsters and delayed the unloading of Australian coal from Australian carriers.

The NFF’s chief executive, Tony Mahar, said the Federal government must continue its efforts to resolve the trade dispute. He told the Australian special broadcasting service (SBS News) said: “this is a painful and concerns (distressing and concerning), but we hope that the Australian government to do is continue to address these challenges, and provide farmers with solutions. Keep working hard, keep talking, look for opportunities, one by one, to solve the current problems, and don’t give up easily, because this is very important for Australian farmers.”

Australian Senator Matt Canavan said the Chinese government’s recent actions were worrying and had posed an unacceptable threat to Australia. “Prime Minister Morrison and the Australian government have been very firm that we will not shrink from the threat posed by China, and we will continue to defend our interests,” he said. So far, Australian government officials have tried to re-engage with China, but ministers have been unable to engage in dialogue with their Chinese counterparts.

The November trade figures reflect signs of deteriorating relations with Australia as China builds an export boom and runs a record monthly trade surplus. China’s export boom is likely to exacerbate existing trade tensions with The US, with exports surging 46 per cent in November compared with The same period in 2019, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. And in response to the Morrison administration’s call for an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak, comments on China’s Uighurs and Hong Kong, and moves to ban Huawei from its markets, China has imposed a range of trade sanctions on a growing number of Australian exports.

The U.S. state department shows that China’s latest attack is unlimited use of false information and coercive diplomacy, and stressed that China’s hypocrisy is obvious to all, many Australian media quoted the global times again on Sunday (6 December) comic book ever published by the evening, the image shows an Australian kangaroo, and the shadow is reflected by American eagle, Australian press refers to this seems to be suggesting that Australia has been blinded by the United States.

Just last week, the Australian government condemned a Tweet by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, which showed an Australian soldier cutting the throat of an Afghan child. The image comes after Australia’s landmark Breton Report released allegations of crimes committed by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. Australia also remains at the center of trade tensions with China, which has been ratcheting up over Chinese tariffs on Australian wine. News Corp of Australia also continued to quote the report as saying that despite Australia’s close ties to the US, it believes China’s role in its economic development is irreplaceable. Australian ministers have repeatedly tried to reach out to their Chinese counterparts to discuss the deteriorating relationship, but so far have made no headway.

Morrison previously said: “The Chinese government should be ashamed of the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson’s tweet, which has seriously damaged Australia’s image in the world. Australia is seeking a formal apology from the Chinese Foreign Ministry and is seeking to have the post removed, and we have been in contact with Twitter.” So far, Twitter has added warnings to posts, but has not removed them. The United States was quick to express support for Australia, with the State Department describing sino-Australian relations as the lowest in history. “China’s latest attack on Australia is its unrestricted use of disinformation and coercive diplomacy,” they said in a statement. “China’s hypocrisy is obvious to all countries.”

The New Zealand Herald has previously reported that Ms. Hua also raised The issue of photo forgery, noting that Australia has accused China of using fake photos and even walking around with false information, an allegation that is itself false. “The picture paints the facts because it was created based on an investigation report issued by the Australian Department of Defense,” she said. HuaChunYing statements about it rather than alleviate tensions between China and Australia, more call Australia “incredibly arrogant hypocrites” (unbelievably arrogant hypocrites).

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