The latest news on the EPIDEMIC in the US and Europe! Biden takes Moderna vaccine to Prove safety! Who: The British variant can be controlled!

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden offered the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine live on TELEVISION, saying he wanted to demonstrate its safety to Americans while encouraging them to cancel unnecessary travel plans and wear face masks. The World Health Organization (WTO) said in a statement that it had confirmed in the UK last week that the variant of COVID-19 virus, which has a high transmission rate of 70 per cent, was not yet out of control and could be contained through existing measures. So far, many European countries have suspended all flights from the UK, but the US has not decided on a ban.

Moderna launched its second COVID-19 vaccine last week and has already been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and more than 500,000 Americans are ready to receive it. Mr. Biden joins a growing number of political leaders, including Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who have come under fire over the COVID-19 outbreak. After the vaccine was approved, Biden praised the work of PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s administration, which he attributed in part to the federal Vaccine Distribution Program (Operation Warp Speed). “We owe so much to the scientists and the people on the front lines, who are actually on the front lines, and that’s really admirable,” Biden added.

Biden became one of the first americans to get vaccinated, and he acknowledged that the time frame for getting vaccinated was very long. U.S. public health officials say the goal now is to vaccinate as many as two million Americans in the remaining weeks of the year, but warn that it could be months before most people are vaccinated. Biden noted that Moderna is now also in orbit, but that it will obviously take some time. Not wanting to leave words that sound like acid words, he urged Americans to listen to all the experts. Other senior American public officials have been vaccinated in recent days, including Pence and Pelosi.

Mr Trump was hospitalized in October for treatment for COVID-19 but has not yet been vaccinated. Jerome Adams, the surgeon general of the US Public Health Agency, previously explained that Mr Trump had not received the COVID-19 vaccine because he had recently been treated with monoclonal antibodies. “This is really a message to the American people,” he told CBS News. “Maybe you should delay the purchase of the vaccine and talk to your health care provider about the best time.”

Michael Ryan, WHO’s head of health emergencies, said at a news conference: “At different points in the COVID-19 shock, we have had COVID-19 viruses with different rates of infection, but they have been successfully brought under control. So the case of the mutated virus confirmed in the UK is not, in a sense, out of control, but we cannot allow it to spread. The response we are taking is actually the right response. What we need to do is continue to get the job done, and we may just have to extend what we are doing to make sure that we have the virus completely under control.”

Italy and Austria are the latest European countries to impose travel restrictions from Britain in the face of the British strain. Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium have all halted flights. The UK health minister Matt Hancock had previously explained that the new variant was out of control and they had to contain it, admitting it had been a bad year for the UK and that the end would be very difficult. He said: “We are facing a huge challenge and could see areas with tier 4 restrictions fail to contain the outbreak until the most vulnerable people in the UK are vaccinated.”

Ryan reiterated this: “In a sense, it shows that the WHO has to work harder. I am confident that even if the rate of transmission of COVID-19 increases, we will be able to stop it.”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has called on US President Donald Trump to issue a ban on FLIGHTS from the UK or require mandatory testing in response to the confirmation by the WTO of the variant of COVID-19 found in the UK. Cuomo also said in a statement that the mutated virus was boarding a plane and landing at Kennedy International Airport, and that the United States had done nothing to reprehensible. He added: “Where is the DEPARTMENT of Health and Human Services? Where is the CENTERS for Disease Control and Prevention? Where is the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? The US Port Authority does not have the power to ban passengers from entering the country, but only to monitor passengers for their health, which is what the federal government is supposed to do. We did nothing about it, and to me that is reprehensible, the mutated virus probably flew to New York, and that kept me up all night.”

But U.S. Admiral Brett Giroir, who oversees novel Coronavirus monitoring, told ABC that he sees no reason to panic right now. He emphasized that researchers had noted nearly 4,000 different variants of novel Coronavirus. He added: “To date, I do not believe that there is a single variant of the Novel Coronavirus that has developed resistance to a vaccine. We can’t rule it out, but it doesn’t exist at the moment, and I think it’s very unlikely that this variant in the UK will escape the vaccine.”

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