The latest on the election! A Pennsylvania state court has temporarily suspended the certification of state election results.

A Pennsylvania state court on Wednesday issued an injunction temporarily preventing the state from certifying the results of this year’s general election. In response to the ruling, the state’s court judge said that Pennsylvania’s last-minute changes to its mail-in ballot procedures might be unconstitutional; It was not immediately clear what steps would be delayed in the election result certification process, which could involve a Dec. 14 electoral College vote to confirm the November 3 election results.

A federal appeals court on Friday rejected President Trump’s attempt to reopen the case and his campaign’s attempt to undo Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania.

A three-judge panel has successfully rejected a request to annul tens of thousands of votes in the election, saying there were no allegations of fraud or evidence in the lawsuit.

The decision could push the case to the U.S. Supreme Court. But most legal experts doubt that the Supreme Court will hear a case that does not change the outcome of the election. Biden would still have won the presidency without Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes. Georgia, Michigan and Nevada also confirmed results in his favor.

“It was the voters, not the lawyers, who chose the President,” the Federal appeals court in Philadelphia said.

“Votes, not briefs, determine elections. The ballot here is governed by the Pennsylvania Election Law. No federal law requires election monitors, nor does it specify where they must live or how close they must vote when the votes are counted. Nor does federal law dictate whether to count votes in the event of minor flaws in state law or to let voters resolve those flaws, “the Federal appeals court judge in Philadelphia added.

In its ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit overruled the Trump campaign’s legal arguments and declined to force the lower Court judge who dismissed the case to allow the campaign to file an amended complaint.

Mr Trump has sought to invalidate tens of thousands of postal votes and has asked an appeals court for an emergency order to block the “impact” of the Pennsylvania certificate.

Mr Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis said on Twitter that the campaign would appeal to the Supreme Court.

The Trump campaign filed a quick appeal against the lower court judge’s ruling. U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann on Saturday dismissed the request for a new complaint and the idea of blocking certification, saying the campaign’s lawsuit was speculative and based on “intense legal arguments” and had no legal basis.

The joint ruling by Justice Brann and the appeals court is Trump’s highest-profile court defeat since the November 3 election. Previous cases brought by the Trump campaign and its Republican Allies have failed in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.

“There is no allegation of fraud (let alone evidence) to justify the damage done to millions of voters and other candidates,” the appeals court said.

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