The new variant of VIRUS in the UK increases infectivity by 70%! London’s emergency lockdown! Eu countries urgently restrict the flow of British people! The pound opened down more than 100 points!

Sterling/US dollar fell sharply on Monday (21 December) on the heels of a novel Coronavirus new variant with a 70% increase in infectious diseases. The irus price fell below 1.3400 and hit a low of 1.3391 before plunging more than 100 points during the day. On the other hand, the British government announced over the weekend that the level of COVID-19 prevention and control in some parts of the capital, London, will be raised to a new level 4 for two weeks. Novel Coronavirus new variety novel Coronavirus has prompted many countries to close their borders and cancel flights to and from the UK. So far, at least 11 countries have taken action. The WHO said it was closely following the latest outbreak in the UK and was conducting further studies.

Currently, 265 people per 100,000 people in the UK have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The novel Coronavirus is related to the novel coronavirus.

The number of confirmed cases in the UK has soared in the past two weeks thanks to a new variant from novel Coronavirus, which scientists believe is 70 per cent more contagious than the original strain, Prime Minister Johnson said on Monday. The most urgent task now is to ensure that the new variant does not lead to a higher death rate.

The government’s scientific adviser had previously said the mutation was the main reason for the surge in hospital admissions in December.

Johnson also stressed that there is no evidence that the mutated virus is more lethal or that the COVID-19 vaccine is less effective against the mutated virus.

On December 19 local time, The British Health Secretary Hancock said that the Novel Coronavirus new strain found in the UK had got out of control and the British government must take control of it and have the responsibility to take action.

At a press conference on December 19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that London, southeast and East England would be raised from the current level 3 to level 4 for two weeks from December 20, in response to measures similar to the widespread “foot restraints” that England put in place in November. Places such as London will be closed again, and other areas will be further tightened.

According to the previous guidelines issued by the UK government, the three levels of COVID-19 alert system, one to three, correspond to “medium”, “high” and “very high” alert levels and corresponding containment measures. The British government has decided to add a fourth phase because of the pandemic.

Under the four-level prevention and control level, people should stay at home as much as possible, except for a few cases such as buying daily necessities. “Non-essential” retail stores, entertainment facilities, fitness centers, etc., are closed; People should work from home whenever possible; People are not allowed to move in and out of areas where level 4 prevention and control measures are in place. In addition, people are not allowed to gather with people other than their families during Christmas except for special reasons.

Britain says the new strain may have spread abroad and that the most urgent task is to ensure it does not cause a higher death rate.

According to European media reports, the governments of Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg and other countries have announced emergency restrictions on the entry of British passengers in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The restrictions include cutting flights to and from Britain.

France has banned flights, trains and ferries from the UK for 48 hours from midnight on December 20, transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Jebali announced.

The Federal Government of Germany announced on 20 December that due to the novel Coronavirus mutation in the UK, flights from the United Kingdom will be temporarily banned from 21 To 31 December. Germany will also convene eu member states to coordinate the novel Coronavirus mutation issue on 21st.

In addition, The Netherlands has banned all flights from the UK from landing at its airports from 6am local time on December 20 until January 1, 2021. Belgium banned flights from Britain from midnight Sunday for at least 24 hours.

On 19 December local time, WHO said it was in close contact with UK officials regarding a novel Coronavirus new variant that has emerged in the country.

According to the website of La Repubblica of Italy on 20 December, the Ministry of Health has announced that the Ceglio Military Medical School, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Higher Health, has extracted from a sample of a confirmed COVID-19 case the gene of the novel Coronavirus new variant recently discovered in the UK.

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