The UK raises the coronavirus alert level! At least 2% of GDP lost in two weeks of lockdown?

The Joint Centre for Biosafety, which is working with UK public Health authorities to tackle the coVID-19 outbreak, said On Tuesday that the UK had raised its alert level from phase 3 to phase 4, with experts predicting that the number of confirmed cases could rise to nearly 50,000 by October. British pubs, restaurants and other catering industries across the country may be forced to close early from Thursday at 22:00 AS prime Minister Boris Johnson convenes his Cobra cabinet meeting on Tuesday to discuss the policy response.

The number of irus infections from novel Coronavirus is doubling “approximately every seven days”, said Sir Patrick Vallance, chief scientific adviser to the British Government, who claimed that the government’s model indicated that there would be about 50,000 new cases a day by mid-October. By mid-November, 200 people will be dying every day.

Figures show that so far less than 8 per cent of the population in the UK has been infected with coVID-19, but in London the figure could be as high as 17 per cent. The latest coVID-19 outbreak in London is worsening as it approaches the “hardest hit” areas in the north of England, figures show.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will address the public in his Downing Street office at 03:00 GMT on Wednesday. According to excerpts of his speech released by the British government, Mr Johnson will announce that all pubs, restaurants and other hostels must close by 22:00 this Thursday in response to a second coVID-19 outbreak.

As a result, food and beverage stocks on the UK stock market fell sharply on Monday, with the FTSE 100 index plunging 3.38 per cent in the first hours of trading to its lowest level since September 7.

In addition to the restriction, which covers the whole of the UK, local authorities in all regions of the UK have said they will impose additional restrictions. The Northern Ireland government said it would extend the policy of restricting indoor socializing to all of Northern Ireland, which currently applies only to a few areas. The Welsh government has also expanded the scope of the restrictions. The Scottish government says it is almost certain to impose additional restrictions.

Johnson said on Friday that the UK was “now experiencing a second coVID-19 wave”, while Health Secretary Jeremy Hancock said a “second national lockdown” could not be ruled out.

However, economists fear the move will hamper the UK’s recovery from the record contraction in the second quarter. For so far, the UK’s recovery has been driven largely by a rebound in consumer spending.

The UK could lose at least 2 percent of the gross domestic product if the hotel and restaurant sector shuts down for two weeks, triggering further stimulus measures from the Treasury and the Bank of England, according to JP Morgan.

Apart from the HIT to GDP, Allan Monks, an economist with JPMORGAN, wrote in a report on Monday that closing the hotel and restaurant business for two weeks could trigger social behaviour changes, meaning “the indirect effects could be bigger”.

He said any blockade was likely to trigger a “greater policy response” from the Bank of England and the government, which would increase bond purchases earlier and on a larger scale, while the government would provide “further support to affected workers” by bringing forward the budget.

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