The US election is a big one! White House trade adviser exposes 36-page report of election fraud! Exposing anomalies in six swing states would be enough to flip the election!

The White House adviser Peter Navarro has personally published a 36-page article entitled “The Perfect Fraud: Election Irregularities of The Six Key level “(The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities) report, and concluded that America’s presidential Election in 2020 in The Six Key swing states anomalies, and these violations turn enough votes to tend to The outcome of The democratic presidential candidate Joe biden.

Navarro’s report analyzes voter irregularities in six swing states and identifies six levels: voter fraud, ballot mishandling, controversial procedural violations, equal protection violations, voting machine violations and major vote-counting irregularities. According to the report, voter fraud refers to mass ballot stuffing, bribery and dead votes, while unqualified votes also cover felonies and illegal aliens, and there is potential for fraud in the multiple-count pipeline. “Major violations are widespread in six key swing states,” Mr Navarro claimed. The so-called six states are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The evidence presented in the report includes more than 50 lawsuits and judicial decisions, thousands of sworn policies and statements, testimony from state legislatures, analysis from aides and law centers, videos and photos, public opinion and extensive media coverage. Navarro noted that while Democratic administration officials have committed fraud and rigged elections in six key swing states, many Republican officials, including governors, state legislators and local judges, have done little to stop them. The report highlights the Democratic Party’s use of the COVID-19 outbreak to ease identification checks on voters, opening the door to ballot harvesting, voting for the dead and fraud. He also cited Pennsylvania, where voter lists were compared to find 8,000 dead mail ballots, and six key swing states with similar cases, albeit with different enforcement techniques.

Looking at fraud in six states, Mr Navarro says only Arizona has not had any obvious electoral mishandling, and only Pennsylvania has no significant statistical anomaly. In Georgia, the report went on to reiterate president Trump’s earlier point that there were more than 20,000 absentees or early voters, almost double Biden’s victory in the state, and also found that those who had left the state had returned to vote. As for the voting machines section, the report documented a huge post-election surge in voting, saying that all votes were shifted to Biden, and highlighting that it allowed the Electoral College to confirm Biden as the new U.S. president.

As to make false accusations of vote, navarro also said: “the manufacture of fake votes is one of the most is worrying case, there is a truck driver said in chapter sworn oath, he picked up in New York in a large box of the vote, and they can be shipped to the polls in Pennsylvania, and in which it may have more than 100000 votes, enough votes and a large number of false means that this is likely to reverse the outcome, make its on biden.”

Navarro concluded: “the election irregularities in the six key swing states seemed so consistent, and they were suggested to adopt the same tactics, even not to steal the election, also want to in a strategic way for election process game, to unfair electoral procedure to list as a result, the U.S. presidential election for biden get more votes.”

The Mail Online notes that Mr Navarro is the director of the White House office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy and has advised Mr Trump on a trade war with China. “I’ve read thousands of affidavits, I’ve read every court case, I’ve read all the evidence at the state legislature level,” he said emphatically in an interview. Its report relies on numerous affidavits that have so far failed to convince state and federal judges, but Mr Navarro said he had also reviewed other affidavits not included in the suit. He hopes the report will be the first of a full investigation into abuses, and he has called for Georgia to postpone Senate elections for a month, which would give republicans a chance to increase their control of the senate once the new US President takes office.

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