The US media has exposed the first threat assessment report of the US Department of Homeland Security. China, Russia, and white supremacists are listed as the top three threats!

China, Russia and white supremacists are seen as the “top three threats” to the U.S. homeland security, according to the department of Homeland Security’s first homeland Security threat assessment report, which was obtained by CBS.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued the comprehensive report to educate the American public about the biggest threats facing the country.

With regard to China, the report listed a variety of potential threats posed by the country, saying that it already posed a high risk of cyber espionage to US homeland security and that “Beijing’s cyber attack capability will increase”. The report also said That China was a source of counterfeit medical supplies during the outbreak, and that Beijing has been eyeing shortages in the U.S. medical supply chain as a way to force the government to adopt more pro-China policies.

In an interview with CBS news, Acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolff said China poses a variety of threats, including cyber security, foreign influence, supply chain security, use of the U.S. academic and visa system, and investment.

Mr Wolf said he believed China would pose a long-term strategic threat to Americans, our homeland security and the American way of life.

In the case of Russia, the report highlights Moscow’s influence on the 2020 election, saying Moscow influences the perception of American voters by exacerbating social and political tensions that already exist in the United States.

The report did not say which candidate Russia favored, but it did say it undermined the election process and slandered Mr. Biden. In addition, the report mentions Russian cyber espionage and cyber attacks, saying that Russia has the ability to carry out such attacks for hours or even days.

The greatest threat to the United States comes from “ideologically driven loners and small groups,” and violent racially motivated extremists, especially white supremacists, will be a “persistent and lethal threat,” the report said. The report says white supremacist groups have killed more people than any other violent domestic extremist group.

The report also mentions other threats, including Iran and North Korea. While the report stressed that both countries had weaker cyber capabilities than China and Russia, it warned that both countries could develop capabilities to carry out destructive attacks.

While the report says U.S. counterterrorism efforts reduce the likelihood of foreign terrorists attacking the United States, it warns that terrorist groups “can adapt and reemerge quickly,” and says Iran “will continue to develop and maintain terrorist capabilities” to prevent U.S. activities such as “regime action” or retaliation. The report makes clear that the fundamental principles of fighting terrorism “will always be a priority for the Department of Homeland Security.”

The report also raised the issue of illegal immigration. While the vast majority of migrants do not pose a security risk, the report said, “migration routes to the United States are exploited by threats.”

The report concludes that the record-breaking hurricane and wildfire season has caused billions of dollars in damage this year. While the report cites aggressive land management as a potential solution to forest fires, it makes no mention of climate change in any part — although experts have linked the intensity of hurricane and forest fire seasons to global warming.

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