Trump supporters are protesting across the United States! Tensions rise in Washington!

Supporters of US President Donald Trump staged protests across the us on Saturday, alleging that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stole the election. At one protest in Washington, protesters threatened to turn violent after dark.

Tensions rose after nightfall in central Washington, with dozens of pro-Trump Proud Boys protesters facing off against Antifa protesters, separated by police in riot gear and on bicycles.

Earlier on Saturday, about 200 members of the Proud Boys joined the march near Trump’s hotel. Many wore combat fatigues, bulletproof vests and helmets, and waved the hand signals used by white nationalists.

The two groups exchanged insults across a street near McPherson Square, and some set off fireworks, but police separated them, according to a Reuters reporter at the scene.

Police peppered at least two counterprotesters before the proud boys left the area and regrouped a few blocks away.

In particular, Mr. Trump’s Marine One helicopter flew over cheering protesters three times on his way to Andrews Air Force Base and to a Army and Navy football game in New York.

Protests are also planned in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona. In those states, the Trump campaign tried to overturn the vote count.

More than 50 federal and state court rulings upheld Mr. Biden’s victory. On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the case brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, saying the motion lacked grounds for action under Article 3 of the Constitution, which is known as “standing.” “The State of Texas has not shown a judicially identifiable interest in the way elections are conducted in other states. All other pending motions were dismissed, “the Supreme Court said.

Notably, the court’s two most reliable conservative justices, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, explained in a brief partial dissent that they would allow Paxton’s suit but “would not grant other remedies” that Texas sought.

“It seems to me that we have no right to refuse to file a petition in a case within our original jurisdiction,” Mr. Alito said in a statement. Thomas also supports this claim. “Therefore, I will grant the motion to the draft proceedings, but will not grant other remedies, and I will not comment on any other issues.”

The Texas lawsuit took the unprecedented step of asking the Supreme Court to declare the electoral college votes in four swing states “uncounted,” thereby nullifying the results in those states.

Biden’s victories in those four states put him over the threshold of 270 electoral votes. Those states have a total of 62 electoral votes, and canceling the results would effectively cancel Mr. Biden’s victory.

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