Trump: the new crown pneumonia death rate released by who is false! The true death rate should be less than 1%!

US President Donald Trump said in a telephone interview with Fox News on Friday that he did not believe the world health organization (WHO) report on the global death rate from pneumonia. “I think 3.4 percent is a false number,” Trump said.

Mr. Trump reportedly said he had talked to a number of people about new pneumonia, a condition that can recover quickly without even requiring a doctor’s visit.

By intuition, Mr. Trump points out, the death rate from new crown pneumonia is less than 1%.

According to real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University, 232 new cases of crown pneumonia and 14 deaths have been reported by public health departments in the United States as of 9 p.m. The us reported 84 new confirmed cases and 3 new deaths on Friday, compared with data from the us centers for disease control and prevention as of 4 PM Thursday.

A total of 98,067 new cases of pneumonia have been confirmed globally, with 3,281 deaths, as of 23:00 cet on March 5, according to who data released on March 5. A total of 17,637 cases have been confirmed in 78 countries outside China.

According to the who website, who director-general tan desai said in Geneva on March 3 that the global mortality rate of new crown pneumonia is about 3.4%. Previously, the who estimated the death rate at about 2 percent.

“This is not an exercise, this is not a time for excuses, this is not a time to give up. Countries have been preparing for this scenario for decades, and now it is time to implement the plan.”

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