Us media: Joe Biden wins the 2020 US Presidential election! Donald Trump says the election is far from over. Biden “too eager to pretend” to be the winner!

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has beaten Incumbent Donald Trump in the Race for the White House, according to new projections from NBC and other media outlets on Saturday, but Trump has refused to recognize the results.

“The simple truth is that this election is far from over,” Trump said in a statement minutes after NBC News predicted Biden would become president-elect.

Mr Trump vowed that his team would begin “prosecuting our cases in court as early as Next Monday to ensure that the election laws are fully complied with”.

Biden led Trump by 253 votes to 214 in NBC News projections earlier Saturday. Right now, NBC is predicting Biden will win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, giving him at least the 270 he needs to win.

Mr Trump visited his private golf club in Sterling, Virginia, just before the announcement that Mr Biden would win.

In a statement issued at noon Saturday, Mr. Biden said he was “honored and humbled by the trust the American people have placed in me and vice President-elect Harris.”

“In the face of unprecedented obstacles, Americans turned out in record Numbers,” he said. Once again, democracy is deeply rooted in the heart of America. With this campaign over, it is time to put the anger and rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation.”

But the Trump campaign has denied that the race is over. The President and his surrogates have filed lawsuits in several key states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, and have said they plan to call recounts in some of the most divisive contests.

Mr Trump had earlier tweeted that tens of thousands of votes had been illegally received after 8pm on Election Day on Tuesday, completely and easily changing the outcome in Pennsylvania and other states. In addition, the counting of many ballots was illegally prohibited from supervision.

The President also said the transparency of the law had been undermined and that it had been treated with malice and brutality. The trailer blocked the doors and the Windows were covered with thick cardboard so observers couldn’t see the counting room. Something bad happened inside. Great changes have taken place!

Notably, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Chris Cox said Friday that a software glitch in Antrim County counted 6,000 Trump votes for Biden, according to Fox News.

At a news conference, Cox said: “In Antrim County, the votes that should have been Republican were counted as Democratic, which resulted in 6,000 votes being turned against our candidate. The county clerk came out and said, ‘There was a glitch in the tabulating software that led to an error in counting the votes.'”

“Since then, we’ve found that 47 counties, or more than half of the state’s 83 counties, have also used the software,” Cox added. She urged counties to “double-check their results for similar discrepancies.” The Trump campaign also circulated Cox’s remarks on Twitter, the report said.

The system used in Antrim County stores election results on computer CARDS in each precinct before county election officials upload them to another computer, the Detroit Free Press newspaper said.

Mr. Gay, a County Republican staffer, said it was not clear whether human error or malfunction caused the error, which was discovered because the Democratic victory was not in line with the county’s conservative leanings and was checked and confirmed manually.

Biden leads Trump in Michigan with 146,123 votes, with 98 percent of the votes counted, but the Associated Press and other media outlets have already declared him the winner.

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