What’s new! Biden will announce the first cabinet picks on Tuesday! Chinese American Yang Anze or as Biden administration secretary of Commerce!

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden will announce his cabinet appointments on Tuesday, White House chief of Staff candidate Ron Klain confirmed On Sunday.

“If you want to know what these cabinet agencies are and who will serve in them, you have to wait for the President himself to say it on Tuesday,” Mr Klein said in an interview with ABC News.

Before naming any senior White House staff, Biden announced the members of his coronavirus task force. Last week, Mr. Biden said he had decided who he would nominate for Treasury secretary and would announce it around Thanksgiving.

Possible candidates for Treasury secretary include Fed member And economist Christine Brainard and former Fed chair Janet Yellen. Both will be the first women to hold the job. TIAA’s chief executive, Roger Ferguson, another top contender, will be the first black man to hold the job.

Mr Biden said the Treasury choice would be “acceptable to all members of the Democratic Party”, although his personnel decisions are likely to be criticised as the former vice-president weighs the demands of his party’s progressive base against a potentially divided Senate.

Jennifer Psaki, a senior adviser to Mr. Biden’s transition team, said in an interview with CNN on Sunday that Mr. Biden “wants to have all kinds of voices on the table.”

Asked if The Biden cabinet would have more reformist members than President Obama’s first, Pasha said the Biden team would “look Like America” in terms of diversity and background.

Andrew Yang, a former presidential candidate for 2020, is likely to become secretary of Commerce, CNN reported On Saturday. CNN also said the list would be updated based on conversations with Biden Allies, advisers and Democrats briefed on the matter.

Yang was reportedly born in 1975 in New York State, us, to parents from Taiwan, China. Anze Yang is an entrepreneur who was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination in the 2020 US presidential election. He has grown from obscurity to become a high-profile candidate, with supporters sometimes referred to as the “Yang Gang”. His presidential campaign revolves around a universal basic income, offering every American citizen $1,000 a month, or $12,000 a year. His campaign slogan is “MATH”, or “Make America Think Harder”.

On February 11, Yang announced in an evening speech that he was withdrawing from the presidential race. Yang reportedly joined CNN in February as a political commentator after dropping out of the presidential race.

Biden’s cabinet announcement and the presidential transition come as President Trump continues to refuse to recognize the November 3 election.

The GSA has yet to confirm Mr. Biden’s victory, effectively blocking the Biden team from accessing government resources that are typically used to help with presidential transitions, such as intelligence briefings and coronavirus vaccine distribution programs.

Klein said Trump’s claims about election fraud and lawsuits were “corrosive” and “harmful,” but stressed that his actions would not change the outcome of the election. However, he says it has hindered Biden’s ability to form a new government and accept background checks on cabinet nominees.

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