White House Action! Ohr director: Who dares to look for a job before Trump leaves office? Will be dismissed immediately!

A key White House aide has threatened to fire any federal political appointee seeking a new job before the end of Trump’s presidency, as the President and his inner circle remain reluctant to accept trump losing to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, several news outlets reported on Monday.

John McEntee, director of the President’s office of Personnel, called on the administration to fire political appointees who are trying to find new jobs at the end of the administration’s term, according to the Associated Press, CNN and Axios.

About 4,000 political appointees work at the White House and most federal agencies, and their jobs usually end when a new President takes office, so finding new jobs early is crucial.

Mr McConnell served as Mr Trump’s personal assistant for several years before losing his security clearance because of his gambling habits and being fired in 2018. He returned to the White House earlier this year.

In February, he asked cabinet secretaries to identify any political appointees they believed were disloyal to Mr. Trump. In June, he began an unprecedented effort to reorganize the staff of some federal agencies without the permission of their heads. The practice has irked several members of Mr. Trump’s cabinet, including Ben Carson, the secretary of housing and Urban Development.

As Trump launches a series of belated legal challenges, his presidential campaign is also trying to prevent staff from jumping ship, CNN reported. Campaign officials reportedly asked staff to continue fighting, but gave no indication of whether their work would exceed the scheduled end date, which is next Sunday.

Mr. Trump, who has not given in to Mr. Biden, is trying to challenge the results of last week’s election, bringing charges of vote-fraud and lawsuits in several states.

According to CNN, most legal experts believe the lawsuits are likely to fail, and even some White House aides have privately acknowledged Trump’s defeat.

The Trump administration has reportedly taken steps to prepare for the inevitable transition of power, although that process has been slow and it is unclear whether Mr. Trump will participate.

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