Yoshihide Suga is officially Japan’s new prime minister! A new cabinet will be formed today!

Yoshihide Suga, the new President of The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP), officially became Japan’s 99th prime minister on Wednesday after his name was chosen by the lower house of parliament. Japan’s new cabinet will also be set up on The 16th.

It was the first change of prime minister in seven years and eight months. Shinzo Abe resigned over health problems, ending his tenure as Japan’s longest-serving prime minister.

According to a new kyodo News Report Wednesday, Mr. Suga is focusing on novel Coronavirus while simultaneously reviving a battered economy.

At present, the situation in Japan is still not optimistic, with more than 76,000 confirmed cases and hundreds of cases still spreading rapidly every day.

Suga had promised to advance policies of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, such as “Abenomics,” aimed at fighting deflation and stimulating economic growth.

Mr. Suga, 71, has hinted that Japan may take further steps to boost the economy.

The Japanese government has drawn up a 230 trillion yen ($2.2 trillion) package to deal with coVID-19, including subsidies for struggling businesses and boosting domestic tourism.

Suga will also take over a comprehensive review of Japan’s national security policy, kyodo news agency reported. Mr Abe had previously planned to introduce a US-developed missile defence system, but it was scrapped because of technical problems.

Mr Suga has made it clear that relations with other countries will be “based on the relationship between Japan and the US”.

Shinzo Abe held an interim cabinet meeting on The morning of Saturday local time to gather the resignations of cabinet members and announce the resignation of all cabinet members. At this point, the second Abe administration, which lasted 7 years and 8 months, officially came to an end.

Shinzo Abe, prime minister of Japan, released a nearly one-minute video on his official Twitter account earlier On Tuesday as the prime minister resigned. In the video, Abe reviewed classic images from his time in office and expressed his “thanks for all your support”.

According to the cabinet establishment process published on the Official Residence of the Prime Minister of Japan website, the new Prime Minister will go directly to the Official Residence of the Prime Minister after receiving the nomination from both houses of the Japanese Diet, set up the cabinet headquarters, and the next Chief Cabinet Secretary will open the list of cabinet ministers to the public.

Kyodo news earlier quoted sources as saying Suga planned to appoint Shinuo Kishimoto, Mr. Abe’s brother and a former deputy foreign minister, as defense minister. Suga basically decided to appoint Health, labor and welfare Minister Katsumi Kato as Chief Cabinet Secretary, and Defense Minister Taro Kono as minister of Administrative reform.

On September 14th the ruling Liberal Democratic Party elected Yoshihide Suga as its new President. At a meeting of LDP house and Senate lawmakers that day, Mr. Suga easily outflanked his two rivals, former defense minister Shigeru Ishiba and former foreign minister Fumio Kishida. Suga won 377 votes, Kishida 89 and Ishiba 68.

In 2006, Suga was named minister of internal affairs and communications in Abe’s cabinet. With Mr Abe’s election as prime minister in 2012, Mr Suga was appointed chief cabinet secretary.

Mr. Suga, Mr. Abe’s right-hand man, has long been seen as a strong candidate to be the next prime minister.

On the day he was elected President of the Liberal Democratic Party, Suga said he was grateful to Abe for what he had done for Japan over the past eight years. Mr. Suga also said he would continue Mr. Abe’s policies and continue to accomplish his mission.

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