Company Advantage

Authorized certification

HK NOBLE SKY TREASURE PRECIOUS METALS LIMITED is an electronic trading trader (No. 170) recognized by The Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society.  its member of HONG KONG GOLD & SILVER EXCHANGE ,With the qualification and strength of legal casting real gold, Kilo Gold/RMB, 999.9Tael Gold/HKD,99Tael Gold,Kilo Gold/HKD, Loco London 10oz/USD,Loco London Silver 5000oz/USD. The financial and operational conditions are in accordance with the regulations of the Chines Gold and Silver Exchange Society and are supervised to ensure the fair and transparent trading environment.

NOBLE SKY TREASURE Global Financial Co., Ltd. is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (registration number: 23763 IBC 2016). The services provided by the company comply with the requirements of Chapter 149 (Amendment and Consolidation) of the 2009 Amendment Act of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines International Business Companies Act and other relevant regulations.

Low Cost

$0 to open an account, no commission, the starting point of investment is very low, a single transaction from 0.01lots, 10 dollars can be the opening transaction, the highest point in the industry to provide preferentially. Gift money is far higher than peers, try to save costs for customers, increase the customer’s investment profit space.

Security assurances

HK NOBLE SKY TREASURE PRECIOUS METALS LIMITED is located in the international financial center – Hong Kong.  The operation is regulated by the laws of Hong Kong, and customers’ investment is protected by laws. The enterprise adopts the most advanced encryption technology, to build a high-level security system, to closely protect the privacy of customers, customers deposit and withdraw money in Hong Kong licensed Banks, to protect the security of accounts, information, and funds, can provide trading field transaction code and history of separate quotation data query.

Fair Dealing

Adopt a global universal web platform, transaction transparency, strict risk control, international market, no banker control. The transaction on the platform is open and transparent, and there is no conflict with customers’ interests. Customers can trust the transaction. NDD transaction mode is adopted, with no background processing and no intervention.

Flexible Operation

Support short – term trading, can be closed in one second, no abnormal trading restrictions, support T+0 trading, free and flexible, customers can anytime and anywhere quickly in and out of the market, seize every market and profit opportunities. Stable platform without slip point, 100% automatic execution of the pending order, no need to stare at the disk.

High-Quality Service

Provide 7*24 hours non-stop customer service, provide customers with financial investment advisory services and major data fluctuations timely reminder service, with the fastest speed to answer your questions, the main customer investment more smooth. Provide high-speed access service, the fastest deposit 15 minutes, withdrawal 2 hours, to ensure the freedom of customer funds.