“Horror” resurfacing in India! India has more than 412,000 confirmed cases! Nearly 4,000 new deaths! Both hit new highs since the outbreak of the epidemic!

India on Thursday (May 6) reported more than 412,000 new cases of COVID-19 and nearly 4,000 new deaths in the past 24 hours. India’s cumulative number of confirmed cases has reached 21.08 million, making it […]

Financial markets daily

In the currency market EUR: The euro fell against the dollar for the second day in a row to close at 1.2004, down 0.07%. Technically, initial upside resistance stands at 1.2025, further resistance at 1.2046, […]

Sino-US trade heavyweight! US trade representative: expected to hold talks shortly with Chinese vice premier Liu he!

US tariffs on Chinese goods will remain in place for now, but the top US trade official said on Wednesday that she expects to hold talks “in the near future” with Chinese Vice Premier Liu […]

Gold cautious recovery! The Federal Reserve Squelches Yellen on Rate Raise The US dollar even fell to support the weakness!

Gold has cautiously extended its recovery and is sitting on a seesaw near the top, currently trading around $1,785. Fed policy makers have largely refused to address inflation concerns, stressing that U.S. economic markets are […]

Big day for the financial markets! Bank of England’s decision to hit! Once sent out this momentous signal! Sterling could soar!

The dollar index was largely steady at around 91.25 on Thursday, while sterling/dollar traded above the 1.39 mark. Spot gold was steady at $1,787 an ounce. Investors are bracing for a BoE decision this trading […]