Overnight interest

    Overnight interest in spot trading refers to the interest paid for holding a position overnight.

if you hold a position at the end of the trading day until the next trading day, you will We need to pay overnight interest, we will charge the best overnight interest fee according to the international market exchange rate.

Spreads and handling fees

The spread is the bid-ask spread between the market bid price and the ask price, for example, If the euro sells to the dollar at 1.08895 and the buy price is 1.08883, the difference (12) is the spread. At tfbmarking, traders can benefit from our extensive network of foreign exchange liquidity providers, which enables tfbmarking to offer extremely low bid-ask spreads on major currency pairs to help reduce your transaction costs.

Variety introduction

Product (product code):EUR/USD (EUR/USD) Decimal point:5 Contract size per hand:100,000 Bounce value per point (standard per hand) :$ 1 Floating spread (average) :15 transaction hour :(06:00 – 05:00) (summer time) Product (product code):GOLD/USDT Decimal point:2 […]

Transaction execution

Market order: A market order refers to a buy or sell transaction based on the price currently available in the market. Pending Order: Issue a pending order to the market at the specified price, the specified direction of purchase, and the specified quantity.