How did Trump get infected with novel Coronavirus? Trump has suggested he could be infected by the families of fallen servicemen!

On October 1 local time, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melania Had tested positive for avirus. The news has drawn wide attention from the international community. It is unclear exactly how Trump got infected with novel Coronavirus. In his latest interview, However, Trump hinted that he was infected with avirus from a White House family of a SLAIN U.S. military officer.

According to the New York Times, Trump speculated that he may have contracted the novel Coronavirus from a relative of a fallen soldier at a Gold Star Family event for military families. Mr. Trump gave no evidence of an epidemiological investigation, saying only that he was close to military families.

In an interview with Fox Business on Oct 8, US President Donald Trump said the families insisted on hugging or thanking him.

In the interview, Mr Trump revealed: “I think I could get infected… I met with the Venus Family. I don’t want to cancel the event. They all come and they tell stories of their sons and daughters and fathers.”

“They sometimes come within an inch of my face,” Mr Trump said. They wanted to hug me, they wanted to kiss me. And they did. Frankly, I’m not telling them to back off. I won’t do it. But I did say it’s obviously dangerous.”

According to The New York Times, Trump, who was revealed a few weeks ago as a “loser” for the deaths of US troops in private, has appeared to blame the virus on the families of those killed in the war, adding insult to insult at a time when he is trailing in the polls.

The Washington Post reports that while none of the attendees at the event could be reached, few subsequently revealed that they had a novel Coronavirus.

On September 27, Trump held a Gold Star Family event at the White House, where dozens of families attended the event.

On September 3, Atlantic magazine reported that four anonymous sources familiar with the matter told the press that Trump had repeatedly disparaged US military personnel and called Americans who had died in war “losers” and “idiots”.

Trump later called the Atlantic story a “total lie” and said “the media may not be around much longer.” But the Associated Press, CNN and other media outlets have verified that the Atlantic story is at least partially true.

This time, Mr. Trump drew renewed criticism by suggesting that the source of his infection was the family of a fallen soldier.

“Whether he intended or not, the President has set upon the novel Coronavirus that infected him,” Democratic Senator Jack Reed told the New York Times.

After Trump’s confirmation of the coronavirus, a number of senior US officials have recently been infected. Novel Coronavirus, Assistant Commander and No. 2 officer of the United States Marine Corps, tested positive on October 7 local time.

According to an internal government memo obtained by ABC News, the number of confirmed coVID-19 cases associated with the White House has risen to 34 in recent days, including White House staff and contacts.

US President Donald Trump has completed a course of treatment for COVID-19, White House doctor Dr Conley said on Oct 8. He said that since Trump returned to the White House, the results of his medical examination have been stable and the overall response to coronavirus treatment has been very good, with no adverse effects. Conley said the medical team had high expectations that Trump would be able to “safely return to public activities” on Tuesday.

Trump has completed his treatment for COVID-19, according to a presidential doctor’s statement released by White House press Secretary Sean McNerney.

US President Donald Trump said in a telephone interview with Fox Business on October 8 that he does not believe he is contagious and is ready to resume his campaign rallies. He also said he could not accept the debate being held offline.

Mr Trump said on Wednesday that a mixture of antibodies made by regenerative medicine was a “key” to his recovery. Doctors at the White House and walter Reed National Military Medical Center treated him with an antibody cocktail of regenerative medicine. In a video posted on Twitter, Mr Trump said he wanted to speed up the use of the drug for coVID-19 patients.

“I want to give you the treatment I’m getting,” Trump said. I will make it free. It cures.” Mr Trump said he was ready to grant emergency authorisation to allow the drug to be used for free.

On Oct 7, the New York Times reported that US President Donald Trump spent more than $100,000 on his 3-night hospital stay, including $40,000 for a helicopter ride to and from the hospital, which was paid for by the federal government.

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