Hubei new crown pneumonic one day surge again exceeds 2000 cases! Gold T+D up more than 2.5%! The US election is about to begin!

International spot gold was trading at $1, 582.90 an ounce in early Asian trading on Monday. Influenced by new coronary viral pneumonia outbreak, spread the market risk aversion, the after shocks to rise sharply in the previous session, the session in gold once extended gains in early trading to $1593.30 an ounce highs, and then fell sharply from that point, since the day high up dropped more than $11 to $1581.90 an ounce low, is trading at $1582 / ounce.

Shanghai gold exchange gold T+D surged 2.65 percent to 356.27 yuan per gram in early Asian trading. The trading session opened at 356.30 yuan per gram, compared with 347.07 yuan per gram in the previous session.

According to the national WeiJianWei latest bulletin, February 2, 0-24, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and the xinjiang production and construction corps report new confirmed cases, 2829 cases (2103 cases), hubei province, the new severe cases 186 cases (139 cases), hubei province, the new deaths of 57 cases (56 cases, hubei province, chongqing in 1 case), the new hospital cured cases 147 cases (80 cases), hubei province, the new suspected cases 5173 cases (3260 cases) of hubei province.

24 to February 2, the national health committee received 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and the xinjiang production and construction corps has reported 17205 cases of confirmed cases (Beijing subtract 3 cases, subtract 1 case) in jiangxi province, the existing 2296 cases of serious illness case of illness, and death cases of 361 cases, cure the hospital cases 475 cases, a total of 21558 cases of suspected cases.

Data previously released by hubei health and fitness commission showed that there were 2,103 new cases of pneumonia infected with the new coronavirus in hubei province between 0:00 and 24:00 on February 2, 2020.

Investors will continue to focus this week on the impact of a pneumonia outbreak infected with a new coronavirus on global financial markets. Meanwhile, the markets are bracing for the final outcome of the impeachment trial of US President Donald trump, whose acquittal now looks all but certain. US President Donald trump will deliver his annual state of the union address on February 4. On Friday, the U.S. will release its non-farm payrolls report for January. It is worth noting that the a-share market officially opened on Monday (February 3) for the year of the rat. Separately, the Iowa caucuses for the 2020 U.S. presidential election kick off on Monday.

Technically, the daily chart shows gold holding on to its recent rally and continuing to hold above its 20-day moving average, having earlier crossed the $1,590 mark before retreating sharply again. The MACD’s green momentum was unchanged, but the KDJ’s random index turned lower, indicating a possible pullback from the high.

On the 4-hour chart, gold prices rose before falling, the MACD red momentum column narrowed, and the KDJ random index turned negative, indicating that gold’s short-term downside momentum had restarted, or that a correction was underway.

Fundamentals favorable factors:

  1. The national health and fitness Commission (NDRC): between 0:00 and 24:00 on Tuesday, 2,829 new cases of pneumonia infected with the new coronavirus were confirmed in China, totaling 17,205 cases.
  2. The European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy said in Jordan on February 2 that the so-called “new Middle East peace plan” proposed by the US government would not succeed because it would not have the support of everyone.

A California woman has been diagnosed with a new type of coronavirus, making her the ninth case in the United States, according to a February 2 announcement by the U.S. Department of health.

  1. According to the official measurement by China earthquake networks, a 5.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in qingbaijiang district, chengdu city, sichuan province (latitude 30.74 degrees north, longitude 104.46 degrees east) at 0005 on February 3, with a focal depth of 21 kilometers.

Fundamental negative factors:

  1. At 23:00 local time on January 31 (24:00 Brussels time on January 31, 07:00 Beijing time on February 1), the UK officially left the eu, becoming the first country in history to leave the eu.

Data released on Friday showed U.S. consumer confidence slightly higher than expected and close to a cyclical peak on the back of a strong job market and strong income growth.

The personal consumption expenditure (PCE) price index, released on Friday, rose 0.3 percent in December from the previous month, the biggest gain since April. U.S. prices rose 1.6 percent in December from a year earlier, the biggest gain in a year.

The University of Michigan’s January consumer confidence index, released on Friday, was better than expected at 99.8, up from 99.3.

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