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The euro/DOLLAR traded around 1.1840, with notable highs and lows, as random indicators sent negative signals, waiting for these factors to push the euro/dollar back to its expected bearish trend, with the main target at the 1.1720 level.

Therefore, we will continue to see euro/DOLLAR bearish trends for some time to come. Consider that once the eurusd breaks through 1.1880, this will halt the expected decline and push the exchange rate back into a major bullish trend.

Euro/dollar is expected to trade between support at 1.1750 and resistance at 1.1900.

Today’s expected trend for euro/dollar is temporarily bearish.


GBP/USD clearly continued to be bearish and moved closer to the main waiting target of 1.3000. From the 4-hour chart, the EMA 50 indicator forms a good support. We expect GBP/USD to continue to fall until we hit the bullish support line at 1.2945, which is also the next bearish target.

As a result, GBP/USD is still forecast to remain bearish for some time to come. It should be noted that if GBP/USD breaks through 1.3090, this will stop the bearish scenario and push the exchange rate back to a bearish track.

Sterling/DOLLAR is expected to trade between support at 1.2945 and resistance at 1.3100.

Today’s expected trend for sterling/dollar is temporarily bearish.


The USD/JPY showed some slight bullish bias and approached the 105.00 mark, with the random indicator losing positive momentum again, while the EMA 50 continued to exert negative pressure on the exchange rate.

Therefore, these factors support the likelihood that the USD/JPY trend will continue to be bearish for some time to come, with the next major target at 103.65; The dollar/jPY stayed below 105.20, a key factor in continued bearish expectations.

Usd/JPY trading is expected to be between support at 104.00 and resistance at 105.20.

Today’s expected trend against the dollar/yen is bearish.


Gold closed Friday below $1901.80 an ounce. After the start of trading, gold became bearish and tried to move away from those levels, activating the day’s bearish scenario and pushing down a bearish target of $1,860.90 an ounce.

As a result, gold forecasts are bearish today. From the 4-hour chart, gold is trading below the EMA 50 index, which supports bearish expectations. It should be noted that if gold breaks through $1,901.80 – $1,908.60 an ounce, this will stop the expected decline and push prices back up again.

Gold is expected to trade between support at $1875.00 and resistance at $1915.00.

Today’s expected trend for gold prices is bearish.

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