Latest news from China and the US! Us arms sales to Taiwan strengthen the “hedgehog” strategy! Consolidate the military capability transformation of “asymmetric operations”!

The latest two arms sales to Taiwan by US President Donald Trump will worry China as the US and Taiwan show greater resistance in the “hedgehog” strategy, cementing Taiwan’s transformation into asymmetric warfare capabilities aimed at creating greater havoc for China across the sea.

U.S. arms sales to Taiwan this month are a marked departure from earlier sales of the island’s traditional preference for fighter jets and tanks. In the past two weeks, Mr Trump has announced $2.4bn and $1.8bn in arms sales to Taiwan, with weapons skewed towards anti-ship missiles and surveillance aircraft. Taiwan regards both arms sales to Taiwan as defensive weapons and an important part of its strategy of gradually turning to “hedgehogs”, the Economic Daily reported. If China crossed the sea, it could eventually lead the United States and China into a nuclear war, causing regional disaster.

Wang Dingyu, a DPP legislator, said on Tuesday: “The US arms sale is very important for Taiwan and Taiwan needs to be able to protect itself, so when we are developing our military strength, we will try to be like a hedgehog. It hurts when a lion tries to swallow a hedgehog, and no lion wants to do that.”

Mr Wang added: “The newly approved weapons will help raise the cost of the war with China and Taiwan is working towards a plan to reach a price That China cannot afford.”

“No matter how you look at it, these are not defensive weapons, they are offensive weapons,” said Zhu Jiangming, a senior researcher at renmin University’s Institute for Overseas International Security. As for the porcupine strategy, the US is continuing to send poisonous stings to Taiwan.”

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin has previously said: “the United States arms sales to Taiwan, a serious violation of the one-china principle and the regulation of the three sino-us joint communiques, especially the 817 communique regulation, to interfere in China’s internal affairs, serious damage to China’s sovereignty and security interests, to Taiwan independence secessionist forces error messages, serious damage to china-us relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan strait, China is firmly opposed.”

Bloomberg also noted that U.S. defense analysts have long suggested helping Taiwan transform itself into an asymmetric capability. Starting in 2017, Taiwan has also adopted the proposal as a defense strategy, shifting its military focus to limiting China’s ability to destroy Taiwan’s air force and defense systems with a large number of targeted missiles, and to inflict greater damage on Chinese forces across the Taiwan Strait.

Mr Trump signed a legal document in 2018 calling for the US to conduct an annual review of Taiwan’s defence needs and improve the island’s combat readiness. Bloomberg also noted that the number of arms sold to Taiwan during the Trump administration was not far off the previous Obama administration’s.

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