More than 30,000 cases of new coronary pneumonia were diagnosed in China. “Whistleblower” li wenliang died, who issued a note of condolences

The world health organization (WHO) has sent a message of condolences to li wenliang, a doctor at the central hospital in wuhan WHO died of pneumonia infected with the new coronavirus in the early hours of February 7, media reported on Friday.

“Wuhan center hospital” official weibo at 3 am 48 points on Friday, in a news release center in wuhan hospital ophthalmologist wen-liang li, in the fight against the new coronavirus infection pneumonia infection outbreak work, through to rescue invalid, on February 7, 2020, 2 am died 58 minutes, to this, the hospital was deeply lament and mourn.

World health organization officials expressed their condolences over li’s death. Li wenliang was diagnosed with the new coronavirus on January 30, the Washington post reported. “We should celebrate his life and mourn his death,” said Dr. Ryan, who is in charge of who’s emergency programs. He added: “we very much regret the loss of any frontline staff trying to care for patients. We ourselves have lost friends at the front. “

Meanwhile, the official account of the world health organization also tweeted its condolences over the death of Dr. Li wenliang.

“We mourn the death of Dr Li wenliang. All of us should salute him for his response to the pneumonia outbreak.”

In addition, the world’s major media also made a rapid news report. The Washington post, CNN… Both expressed their condolences for the death of Dr. Li wenliang.

Germany’s mainstream media also paid tribute and paid tribute to Dr Li’s bravery in fighting the new coronavirus.

The German newspaper frankfurter allgemeine zeitung published a signed article titled “Er schlug als Erster Alarm,” in which the author called Dr. Li a “hero.” He expressed his sincere admiration for the efforts of the eight doctors including li wenliang.

Mr. Li reportedly warned medical workers on Dec. 30 about a virus he thought resembled SARS, and after noticing several cases, he sent a message to a chat group warning them to wear protective gear.

At 5:00 PM on December 30, 2019, li wenliang sent a message to WeChat students: 7 cases of SARS have been confirmed in the south China market! An hour later, he added, the latest news was that “coronavirus infection has been confirmed and virus typing is underway.”

On January 1, 2020, he became one of eight rumormongers who were summoned and dealt with by the wuhan police. He was reprimanded by police on January 3rd.

According to reports, li wenliang told the media how he contracted pneumonia: on January 8, he received an 82-year-old woman with acute angle-closure glaucoma.

He said: “we usually contact with the patient did not do special protection, the patient came to the time also did not have a fever, I was careless. But the next day, on the 9th, she had a fever. After her CT scan, I highly suspected she had viral pneumonia. Because the CT showed that her symptoms were ‘ground glass lesions in both lungs,’ which are manifestations of viral pneumonia. Moreover, common viral infections, mycoplasma and chlamydia infections have been excluded. However, she was not diagnosed at the time because the hospital did not have the kits to test confirmed patients. She was hospitalized on January 8th, and I developed cough symptoms on January 10th. I developed severe symptoms and was admitted to intensive care.”

“He was the first person to spot the virus and warn people about it and protect them. After his release, he went to the front line to save others. Now there is no life left, leaving his wife and unborn child who were also infected.” One of li wenliang’s undergraduate classmates left a message on weibo.

Pangolins may be potential intermediate hosts for the new coronavirus

, according to the southern Plus learn from south China agricultural university, south China agricultural university, lingnan modern agricultural science and technology of guangdong province laboratory Shen Yongyi professor, professor XiaoLiHua joint scientific research personnel, a researcher at the Chinese people’s liberation army academy of military science academy of military medical feder I and guangzhou zoo’s Chen wu, according to a new study conducted by senior veterinary pangolin potential intermediate hosts for new coronavirus. This latest discovery will have important implications for the prevention and control of novel coronaviruses at source.

On the evening of February 6, the clinical trial of the antiviral drug radesivir was started at jinjintan hospital in wuhan, according to xinhua. A total of 761 patients were included in the trial, which was randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled, according to professor cao bin, director of the radesivir clinical trial and vice President of the china-japan friendship hospital. The first person to receive the drug was a 68-year-old man with severe illness.

The world health organization spokesman jia gelang has said in an interview on Thursday, at this stage is not forecasting when the ratio of China’s domestic epidemic “inflection point”, also is unable to predict whether or not a novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak will outbreak or outside China evolved into a global pandemic because there are still a lot of new coronavirus key information has not been able to master by the world scientific community.

But he said it is still possible to stop the spread of the virus as long as countries take strong measures to detect, isolate, treat and track contacts early, with social barriers commensurate with the risks.

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