Now the world is most worried about Japan! China in addition to Hubei province added 14 consecutive drops! The dollar and gold?

According to the latest data from the national health and construction commission, on February 17, 1886 new cases were confirmed, 1,701 new cases were discharged from hospital, and 98 new cases died, making a total of 72,436 confirmed cases. In addition to hubei, the number of new confirmed cases declined for the 14th consecutive day. In addition to continuing to focus on China, the focus has also shifted to other countries, notably Japan and Singapore, where outbreaks have been confirmed. Also on the agenda today is the euro zone’s ZEW economic sentiment index for February.

The latest trend of the epidemic: 14 consecutive drops, 6 consecutive days to cure more than 1000 people!

According to CCTV news, the world health organization held a press conference in Geneva Tuesday to introduce the latest situation of the new outbreak of coronary pneumonia. At the meeting, who director-general tandesay said that according to the data released by China on new cases of coronary pneumonia, the number of new cases of coronary pneumonia is on the decline. On this basis, who maintains its previous assessment that the new coronary pneumonia is not a global epidemic and does not raise the global risk level of the outbreak.

Michael Ryan, head of the who’s health emergency programme, said the new outbreak had occurred outside China and no significant community transmission had been observed. The who team has arrived in China to conduct joint research with the Chinese side and will visit the site. Who also said the use of plasma therapy in patients recovering from neopneumonia deserved further study.

World’s most worried about Japan’s new outbreak of pneumonia?

The outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia still affects the nerves of the global market, and all kinds of news in China still attract the attention of the global mainstream media. But by mid-february, things were changing and the media focus was shifting, especially to Japan and Singapore.

The outbreak in Japan in mid-february has raised concerns among many. Indeed, since February 15th, with the “outbreak entering a new phase”, media outlets from kyodo to the guardian have been ratcheting up the tension that “Japan is the worst affected country after China”.

The number of newly diagnosed cases of coronary pneumonia in Japan has exceeded 500. Among them, the “diamond princess” cruise ship docked in yokohama port was exposed to 99 new infections in just one day on the 17th. On the morning of February 17, two new cases of coronary pneumonia were confirmed in Japan. One was a nurse caring for an elderly woman who had died of the disease, and the other was a civil servant involved in the handling of the “diamond princess” cruise ship.

Enterprises have stepped up measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Some big Japanese companies are encouraging employees to work from home to reduce the risk of contracting the new coronavirus. The Internet company yahoo Japan has called on all employees to come to work on wrong days, banning large gatherings of 100 people or more in principle.

NTT, one of Japan’s biggest companies, said it now required about 200,000 employees across the company to work from home or at staggered hours.

Meanwhile, more and more cases have been reported of people who have neither traveled to China nor had direct contact with people from China.

Japan has become “the only country outside China where it is not possible to trace the transmission route” of infections, naoko kondo, a senior adviser to the world health organisation, revealed in an interview with the nikkei newspaper and other media on February 14.

“In wuhan, hubei province, China, the number of confirmed cases has been decreasing and there is light at the end of the tunnel. The world’s biggest worry now is Japan. Hope to keep trying.”

Tokyo (Reuters) – Japanese emperor naruhito will cancel public celebrations for his birthday on February 23, the first since his coronation last year. The emperor’s birthday celebration usually draws tens of thousands of people to his residence. The last time the emperor’s birthday celebrations were canceled was in 1996, during a hostage crisis at the Japanese embassy in Peru.

Japan’s health minister, katsunoshi Kato, said Wednesday that all samples were taken from the cruise ship “diamond princess” have been collected. Diamond Princess has no infected people from the 19th off the ship, is expected to 21 diamond princess all people will disembark.

If the outbreak spreads further, it could hit economic growth and push Japan into recession, analysts said.

Japanese government data on Monday showed gross domestic product fell at an annual rate of 6.3 percent in the October-December period, the biggest drop since a 7.4 percent fall in the April-June quarter of 2014.

Fly side by side: dollar brush high, gold continues to strengthen

The dollar continued to hold its high as risk aversion continued to persist as the outbreak continued to dominate, with the dollar index rebounding to a four-month high at 99.25 in Asian trading on Tuesday.

Aside from safe-haven inflows, the dollar’s rise is also being driven by the increased attractiveness of U.S. assets, with recent positive U.S. economic data adding to the dollar’s optimism.

Data from the international money market in Chicago showed traders continued to buy dollars: speculators’ net long dollar holdings expanded to $13.94 billion in the week ended Feb. 11, up from $12.69 billion the week before.

Analysts pointed out that the dollar index continued to break last week, ending the week above the 98.885 Fibonacci technical level, before moving on to the 2019 high of 99.667.

Spot gold continued to hold up against a steadier dollar, with prices continuing to rally above the 1580 mark in Asian trading on Tuesday, hitting a high near $1586.

FXTM analyst Han Tan said the gold market was still at high levels, while the dollar’s strength against Asian currencies suggested there was still some concern.

Carlo Alberto De Casa, the chief market analyst at ActivTrades, said the trend in the gold market remained positive, but further gains in prices would require new factors. “The next resistance is at $1,585 / oz, then $1,592 / oz and the mental barrier of $1,600 / oz.”

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