Overnight interest

What is overnight interest?

    Overnight interest in spot trading refers to the interest paid for holding a position overnight.

    If you hold a position at the end of the trading day until the next trading day, you will We need to pay overnight interest, we will charge the best overnight interest fee according to the international market exchange rate.

    Overnight interest example

    For the euro against the US dollar: EUR/USD buys overnight interest for each hand 4.5 US dollars, selling overnight interest is $2.50 per lot. When you buy 0.8 lots of EUR/USD, you need to pay an overnight interest of 0.8*4.5=3.6 USD; sell 0.8 lots of overnight interest to pay 0.8*2.5= 2 dollars.

    What is the time for overnight interest?

    Setting time for weekends (holidays and holidays) at 5 am Beijing time on each nature day Normal charge).

    Overnight positions that are not closed before 5am will be charged overnight. The fees charged are displayed in your position list.