Shandong rencheng prison confirmed 207 cases of new coronary pneumonia! Eight people fired! Korea breaks out a super spread event! Gold is approaching 1625!

News of a pneumonia outbreak continued to spread across Asia on Friday, with two prison outbreaks raising concerns. On February 20, shandong reported 202 new cases, including 200 in rencheng prison and 207 in rencheng prison. Twenty-eight new cases of coronary pneumonia were confirmed in zhejiang Thursday, including 27 at shilifeng prison. In addition, South Korea also occurred new coronavirus “super transmission event.” Gold has received a strong boost from continued risk aversion amid the outbreak fears, with spot bullion approaching the $1,625 level.

Shandong reported 202 new cases, including 200 in rencheng prison. A total of 207 cases were confirmed in rencheng prison

Shandong reported 202 new cases on February 20, including 200 at rencheng prison, according to the latest outbreak data released by the province on Friday.

According to the lightning news client, the information office of the shandong provincial government held a press conference on the morning of February 21, during which officials from shandong health and health commission and provincial department of justice introduced the latest situation of the epidemic in shandong and relevant prevention and control measures.

Zhejiang reported 28 new cases of coronary pneumonia, one new death and 38 new cases of discharge from hospital between 0 and 24 am Tuesday, according to CCTV news. Of the new confirmed cases, 27 were from shilifeng prison in zhejiang province. At present, the prison has a total of 34 confirmed cases of prisoners, as imported cases. Zhejiang provincial department of justice has sent a group of supervisors stationed supervision. The commissar and warden of the prison have been dismissed, a police officer involved in the case has been placed on file for investigation, and the prison has been strictly closed.

Nationwide, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) and the xinjiang production and construction corps reported 889 new confirmed cases, 118 new deaths (115 in hubei, 1 in zhejiang, 1 in chongqing and 1 in yunnan) and 1,614 new suspected cases from 0 to 24 am on February 20, according to the latest notice from the national health and fitness commission. On the same day, 2,109 new cases were cured and discharged from hospital, 28,804 close contacts were removed from medical observation, and 231 cases of severe illness were reduced.

South Korea has a new crown pneumonia “super transmission event”! One diagnosis led to 1,001 people being quarantined

South Korean media reported on Thursday that 1,001 people have been quarantined at their homes in daegu, South Korea, after a super-transmission of the new coronary pneumonia virus.

South Korea’s yonhap news agency was quoted as saying that authorities in daegu, South Korea, have been quarantined in contact with the 31st confirmed case of a new case of pneumonia.

As of Thursday morning, 90 of the 1,001 people had reported symptoms of infection, 515 said they were unwell and 396 had not been contacted, according to the daegu government.

The 31st confirmed case is a 61-year-old south Korean woman. On 9th and 16th of this month, she went to the “new world” daegu church twice to worship. So far, 39 people have been diagnosed with the disease and have been linked to the church in daegu. It was officially classified as a super-transmission event in South Korea.

The outbreak may be spreading in the community due to a recent surge in the number of confirmed cases and the unknown route of infection in several of the confirmed cases, the central emergency response department said.

Daegu is the fourth largest city in South Korea after Seoul, busan and incheon. The mayor of daegu, quan yongzhen, has reportedly urged the city’s 2.5 million residents not to go outside.

According to CCTV news, south Korean media are concerned that there has been a local community outbreak of the new coronavirus in South Korea, as preliminary epidemiological investigations into the infection path of several infected people in the area have pointed to the 31st infected person and his contacts.

South Korea has seen a sharp increase in the number of new cases of coronary pneumonia in the past two days, with 104 confirmed cases as of Tuesday. The first confirmed death in South Korea was reported Tuesday.

Since January 20, the first case of new coronary pneumonia was diagnosed in South Korea, the total number of confirmed cases was only 31 by February 18, during which there were no new cases for several consecutive days. But things changed dramatically on February 19th, when 20 new cases were confirmed in South Korea. On Monday, as many as 53 new cases were diagnosed in one day. For two consecutive days, more than 70 new cases were confirmed in South Korea, double the number confirmed in the past month.

Of the 31 new cases on Thursday morning, 30 were from north gyeongsang province and daegu city, and one was from Seoul. Of the 30 cases in daegu and gyeongbei districts, 23 had contact with the 31st case (a 61-year-old female) at her regular church. Of the 22 cases confirmed in the afternoon, 21 were from daegu city and gyeongsang north province, of which five were related to the 31st confirmed patient. So far, the church has had a total of 43 confirmed cases, which south Korean authorities believe to be a cluster of infections.

Of concern, at least 42 of the confirmed cases in South Korea have been linked to the 31st case, which is considered a “superspayer.”

In addition, the first death was confirmed posthumously in South Korea on Thursday. The patient, a 63-year-old south Korean man, died in the early hours of Sunday after more than 20 days in hospital at cheongdo county hospital in north gyeongsang province. Health authorities tested the patient for the virus after he died and he tested positive.

Thirteen people, including the deaths, have been confirmed at cheongdaw county hospital, yonhap reported. It is understood that the 31st patient arrived at the hospital earlier this month. At present, the Korean central epidemic control department is investigating the movement trajectory of all patients and medical staff in the hospital, to confirm whether it is related to the 31st patient.

As of 5 p.m. Local time, 53 new cases of coronavirus pneumonia had been confirmed in South Korea, with a total of 104 confirmed cases and one death, the ministry said Thursday.

According to, south Korean President moon jae-in reiterated the importance of strict epidemic prevention during a meeting with South Korea’s 17 municipal and provincial education chiefs at the blue house on Wednesday.

Seoul (Reuters) – South Korea’s new coronavirus outbreak has gone beyond the country’s epidemic prevention net and started to spread in the community, the country’s central emergency response chief said on Thursday.

The number of new coronavirus cases in South Korea is now manageable, who director-general tandesay said on Thursday. It is hoped that South Korea will be able to contain the situation during the “early” phase of the outbreak.

Gold is approaching $1,625! The afternoon market is expected to rise further

Gold climbed to a seven-year high of $1,623.50 an ounce on Thursday as a rise in new cases of coronary pneumonia in South Korea heightened concerns about the broader economic impact of the outbreak.

Spot gold extended its rally on Friday, hitting as high as $1,624.80 an ounce in Asian trading.

The international monetary fund warned on Wednesday that the outbreak of the new coronavirus had already damaged China’s economic growth and that further spread to other countries could derail an expected “highly fragile” global economic recovery in 2020.

While the number of new cases of coronavirus in China has declined, new research suggests the virus is more contagious than previously thought, further raising alarm bells. The south Korean city of daegu, with a population of 2.5 million, has become the latest affected area outside China.

Gold has managed to break above $1,611.20 an ounce and is holding above that level to further our next major waiting target of $1,625, said in an article on Friday. said it expects gold prices to remain bullish in the coming sessions. After breaking $1,625 / oz, gold is expected to rise further to $1,640.00 / oz. also notes that maintaining gold above $1,611.20 an ounce is important to continue the expected rally.

Analysts at Commerzbank said in a report that gold was mainly driven by strong investment demand. Gold exchange-traded funds have seen inflows for a 21st consecutive trading day, with speculative financial investors also likely to add further to their net long positions.

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