Silver investments: new us crown for more than 60,000 deaths! Any flu season since 1967! Silver price or usher in broken!

On Thursday (April 30), spot silver extended the previous day’s tight trading pattern and now hovers around $15.25. Today’s focus is on the European central bank’s decision, the euro zone’s first-quarter GDP, and the U.S. PCE data will also test the market.

Silver prices on a small rise, the current winding around the 20 daily average near the top of the 50 daily average pressure, concern about the possibility of breaking.

Silver prices edged higher on Wednesday as hopes that the drug might work against the virus outweighed worries about U.S. GDP data, a return to market risk sentiment and optimism that the outbreak blockade would be eased.

White House health adviser Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease expert, expressed optimism about the performance of the drug in treating covid-19.

Fauci said at a White House news conference on Wednesday that analysis of preliminary clinical trials showed “a clear, significant and positive role” in reducing recovery time for COVID 19 patients. Fauci said the progress was “really important” and the data “significant” for a number of reasons, and he compared the efficacy of redesivir to 1986, when “we didn’t have any drugs for HIV.”

On the epidemic front, as of 10:07 Beijing time on April 30, there were more than 1,006 million confirmed cases of covid-19 in the U.S., with 1,064,194 cases and more than 60,000 deaths, bringing the total to 61,656, according to real-time data update site worldometers. That will soon surpass the number of deaths in any flu season since 1967.

According to the federal centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), the worst flu season in recent years in the United States was 2017-2018, when more than 61,000 people died.

According to the CDC, only a few previous flu seasons have been more severe, including the one that killed about 100,000 americans in 1967, 116,000 in 1957 and 675,000 in 1918 during the Spanish flu.

In Europe, France announced plans to restart its economy, allowing stores to reopen on May 11. Spain plans to lift its quarantine in the next eight weeks.

Technical analysis:

The dollar

On the daily chart, the USD index is trying to stabilize after 4 consecutive days of decline and is currently trading around 99.55. From a technical perspective, the MACD green kinetic energy column is weak, the RSI index is hovering around 50, and the KDJ random index is further down below 50, with further downside space.

On the 4-hour chart, the dollar index is still in its previous downtrend and is now below all major moving averages. MACD green kinetic energy column steady, KDJ random index hovering below 50, downward kinetic energy is still strong.


On the daily chart, silver continued the momentum of a few days before the volatility, trading around $15.25, trading range narrowing is also accompanied by the 20 and 50 daily average daily average narrowing, focus on the possibility of a decisive break. MACD red kinetic energy column weak, KDJ random index hovering above 50, short or continue to shock.

On the 4-hour chart, silver prices oscillate around the 100 moving average, focusing on the stability of this moving average, MACD red kinetic energy column is very weak, KDJ random index hovering above 50, suggesting that silver prices continue to fluctuate

Positive fundamentals:

  1. According to statistics from real-time information and data update website world meters, as of 10:07 Beijing time on April 30, there were more than 3.21 million confirmed cases and more than 228,000 deaths worldwide, including more than 1.06 million confirmed cases and more than 61,000 deaths in the United States.
  2. The federal reserve kept interest rates near zero on Wednesday and reiterated its commitment to using “all tools” to support the U.S. economy, as the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic posed “significant risks” not only to the short-term outlook but also to the medium-term outlook.
  3. The U.S. Commerce Department reported on Wednesday that gross domestic product shrank at a 4.8 percent annual rate in the first quarter, the worst contraction since the great recession.

A car bomb exploded in the turkish-controlled Afrin region of northern Syria on Monday afternoon, killing and wounding dozens of people. The Syrian state news agency said the attack took place in a market in the city of Afrin when an explosive device was placed in an oil tanker truck and detonated, killing and wounding many people.

Fundamental negative factors:

  1. Preliminary results from a trial of a coronavirus drug show that at least 50 percent of patients who received five – and 10-day doses of the antiviral drug redesivir improved, and more than half were discharged within two weeks, gilead sciences said.
  2. As the global outbreak eases, governments from Italy to New Zealand have announced a relaxation of restrictions, and businesses in more parts of the United States will reopen.

3, 19 outbreak in 27 COVID – press conference, New York state governor Cuomo said that at present the state COVID – 19 in the number of hospitalized patients in stable level, but haven’t reached the ideal level of the began to decline, and on the death toll, last weekend two days, the state of New York COVID – 19 one-day new death cases of 367 cases and 337 cases respectively, the decline in Numbers, but still huge total. Cuomo said Sunday that the state plans to reopen the economy in stages.

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