Spot bullion trading process

Spot Trading

  • price display plate
  • The left side of the figure shows the time-sharing chart, K-line chart, latest price, increase, maximum/lowest price, etc. of GOLD100/USDT, and can also be used for drawing analysis.
  • The right side of the figure shows the quotes and real-time transaction information of GOLD100/USDT.
  • Limit trading
  • A limit order is issued at the specified price and the specified quantity. You need to hold GOLD100  to sell.
  • Buy/Sell Bid: Enter the price of the limit order and click on ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’.
  • Buy/Sell number : Enter the number of trades placed in one-off order. The minimum order is 0.01 lots.
  • Market Trading
  • If you choose ‘Market Trading’, then buy or sell will be placed at the market price. You need to hold GOLD100  to sell.
  • Buy/Sell number: The number of lots for a single-time order, with a minimum order of 0.01 lots.

Order and asset inquiry

  • Current order
  • This page can query the current order pending order, or click the ‘Undo’ button to cancel the current order pending order.
  • Historical order
  • This page queries the order history delegation record.
  • Transaction history
  • This page can be used to query order history.
  • assets
  • Display the assets of each currency
  • Account available: funds available for the account
  • Account freeze: account freezes funds, when holding current orders,need to freeze USDT funds
  • Lock bin: display the number of gold locks
  • Market Value (USDT): Currency Available Market Value (USDT)
  • Under the Assets page, you can view the flow of funds, and you can lock the gold on this page.
  • Check the money flow
  • Click the ‘View Funds Flow’ button under the Assets page to view the flow of all funds, including bank deposits, transactions, and so on.

Lock order

Tianfubao physical gold bar business is a comprehensive business of physical gold trade plus gold physical custody. Locking the warehouse is the custody of gold, and locking the position can get 20% annual income from the guarantee and the profit of gold in the current year.

Buy gold in Tianfubao physical gold trading platform, and then entrust the lock, you will complete the gold purchase and hosting process. If you purchase 100,000 yuan of gold, the year of trust, the price of gold rose 20% in the current year, you The income is 40%. If the price of gold falls in the current year, you can not only get back 100,000 yuan of gold before, but also get 20% of the income without taking the corresponding risks and losses.

  • To apply for a lock order: Under the Assets page, click on ‘Apply Lock order’ for the currency GOLD100, select the lock time, lock type, enter the number of locks, and click ‘Submit’ to complete the lock. After the lock is locked, the monthly return will be unlocked, and the gold will be unlocked at the end of the lock. After unlocking, the GOLD100 can be sold or continued to lock order.

Lock order record

  •  After locking the position, you can view the number of locked positions under the asset – GOLD100 – lock position, click ‘locking details ’ to view the lock record.